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R. E. M. - Murmuring Demos & Alts.


Murmuring Demos & Alts.
(the debut album in demos & alternate mixes)

Artwork included in the download; make yer own boot!
 (thanks to REMchout for the original image)

various sources (all lossless: the best available)

sound quality: variable (VG to Ex-)

SAMPLE: "Shaking Through (demo 1982)"

The rare 1981 'Cassette Set'
one of the sources for this collection
(thank you, Analog Loyalist)
01 Radio Free Europe (cassette set)
02 Pilgrimage (live debut, 1982)
03 Laughing (demo 1982)
04 Talk About the Passion (alt. mix)
05 Moral Kiosk (alt. mix)
06 Perfect Circle (alt. mix)
07 Catapult (the hated Hague demo!)
08 Sitting Still (cassette set)
09 9-9 (alt. mix)
10 Shaking Through (demo 1981 or '82)
11 We Walk (alt. mix)
12 West of the Fields (alt. mix)
13 Ages of You (demo 1981 or '82)
14 There She Goes Again  
      (studio run-through)
15 studio chatter
16 That Beat (studio run-through)
17 Radio Free Europe Dub (cassette set)

First 12 tracks are sequenced to match the album

TT: 58:18

WAV lossless files
Bill's out front -- for once!
ROB SEZ: Long-time coming, this one. Took lots of hunting for best-quality sources, musical puzzle work, tweaking tracks in Audacity, etc. But I'm pleased with how it turned out. Some of the "alt. mixes" don't sound radically different from the released masters, but it's fun to listen for the subtle variations. Others sound quite different. Couldn't resist using the much-reviled Stephen Hague demo for "Catapult" (not nearly as awful as the band would have you believe). Also had to use the live debut of "Pilgrimage" because the song's first studio demo (Mitch & Don Dixon's audition to produce Murmur) turned out so well, it became the master for the album. Don't miss the bonus tracks, featuring some of my favorite rarities from this era.

used this one, too
1, 8, 17 = Cassette Set tracks, rec. April 1981 by Mitch Easter (no Hibbert overdubs, no remixes). Thanks to Chris H. & Analog Loyalist for sharing.
2 = Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA (WFRG-FM broadcast) 1982-05-14, from Red Robin boot CD Radio Free Georgia
3, 10, 13 = The Essential Demos, Vol. 1 boot CD
4-7, 9, 11, 12, 14-16 = from Murmur Rough Mixes & Demos collection, thought to be early monitor/guide mixes, created in early 1983 prior to final mixing & mastering of the album. Thanks to JEMS and Mike Ziegler; thanks also to Analog Loyalist for his re-worked versions, shared here.

In case you missed it:
R. E. M.'s Chronic Town EP -
'Revisited' in demo form - is HERE


  1. thanks for the archival work,it means alot to me.richard m nixon

  2. Thanks a lot. To those who didn't experience it at the time, it is hard to convey just what a difference REM made. Punk had existed and new wave had been a very welcome relief from the macho smugness of so much popular rock of the mid-70s, but REM had something more. AND it took them forever (or so it seemed at the time) to go from making great albums, getting fantastic reviews, and touring constantly to finally actually become stars. I refer to this time as the REM-era.

    1. You're welcome, Bruce. I know for sure that R.E.M. changed *my* world when I first heard Murmur in college. Music was never the same for me again, in the best possible way...

  3. Oh man thank you! thank you! thank you! i don't know what to say, i'm really happy i've been searching for this more than 1 year
    THANKS and excuse my bad english :)

    1. You're welcome, Jakm. Hey man, don't apologize for your (good) English!

  4. Can't wait to hear this gem! Thanks a lot!

  5. Also, the longevity of your files on this site are amazing... the last comment 5 years ago, but the links still work like a charm. Thanks so much Rob-in-Brevard!

    1. My pleasure, Jackson. Thanks a LOT for the thanks!


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