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Alex Chilton Tribute - Memphis, TN 2010 (FM)

One of many tributes for LX
Various Artists

Levitt Shell

Memphis, TN

May 15, 2010


L-R: Jody Stephens, Jon Auer, Amy Speace, Ken Stringfellow at LX tribute May 15, 2010
remarkable photos by Breathless Conni 
 *cheers to Conni for permission to use these here*
satellite radio broadcast (sound quality Ex-)

BUNCH O' THANKS to the taper and sharer 

SAMPLE: "Ballad of El Goodo (2010)"

complete hi-res artwork HERE
BIG THANKS TO RHETT for the updated artwork
01 Introduction
02 Back of a Car** (Jon Auer)
03 I Am The Cosmos (Jon)
04 Way Out West (Jody Stephens)
05 Mod Lang (Van Duren)
06 Daisy Glaze (Ken Stringfellow)
07 Jesus Christ (Mike Mills)
08 For You
    (Jody w/Jimmy Stephens on bass)
09 Give Me Another Chance
    (Amy Speace, Jon & Ken)
10 Lady Sweet
    (Jon w/Rick Steff on accordion)
11 I'm In Love With A Girl (Sondre Lerche)
12 Introduction
13 The Ballad of El Goodo (Sondre)
14 Thirteen (Jon)
Mike Mills, one of many who sang
15 Feel (Ken)
16 Thank You Friends (Mike)
17 Nighttime (Susan Marshall Powell)
18 Try Again (Amy, Jon & Ken)
19 O My Soul (Brendan Benson)
20 September Gurls (Brendan)
21 Take Care (Ken & Jon)
22 A Whole New Thing ("anyone and everyone")

**NOTE: this set lacks "In the Street," "Don't Lie to Me" & "When My Baby's Beside Me", all of which were released on vinyl and digital download by Ardent Music.  (They would follow Track 2 if they appeared here.)  Go buy these tracks to assemble the complete show!
ROB SEZ: I know, I know — you've seen stuff like this here before. But this one has amazing sound from a satellite radio broadcast. Plus, many of the performances are heart-felt and intense, occurring just weeks after Alex's death on March 17.

TT: 1:23:59 

uploader's note:
Many thanks to my friend Chris up at Blissland Studios for making this recording, and its excellent edit possible.

Musicians (core band):
Jon Auer - guitar, vocals
Ken Stringfellow - bass, vocals
Jody Stephens - drums, vocals

Chris Stamey & Co. are still staging 
Big Star Third Live performances.
More info HERE.


  1. I downloaded this a while back, and wanted to come back and say thanks for sharing. It's a fine sounding show, and a great performance!

  2. What the heck. Even without the tracks by Jon Davis (and who removed those?), this IS NOT a complete version. I wondered where Jon Doe is? I've seen this video before:

    but that's not included in this recording. There's a version of the same song (I'm In Love with a Girl) by Sondre Lerche instead. Also the set list does not line up right with the one given by SPIN magazine, a reliable source:

    So FYI, this was broadcast by Sirius FM on May 15, 2010. But the show was March 20, 2010. Released on CD by Ardent Music, distributed by Stax Records, a division of Concord Music. That last bit according to the inside tray liner notes.

    The mystey deepens.

    1. Hey Metaclam. You sound confused. Mebbe this info will help:

      1. This is one of several tributes to LX Chilton. The one you reference (SPIN article + YouTube video) was the first one, in MARCH at SXSW Festival in Austin, Tx. The one here is weeks later -- in May, in Memphis, TN. What's confusing is that several of the same artists appeared in both shows.

      2. My friend Rhett (biggest Big Star fan I know) did the artwork for the May 2010 tribute show for the blog as an "homage" to a legit release, thus the fake Ardent Music / div. of Conchord Music info he put in small print at the bottom.

      3. I never post commercial or officially released music here. Since Ardent Music *did* release the 3 tracks you asked about, I removed them from this post and indicated that people who want the complete show can go to Bandcamp, buy the digital downloads, and complete the set.

      Anyone who wants to do this should go here to buy the tracks:

      Hope this helps clear things up for everyone.

  3. High Quality Music LoverDecember 15, 2016 at 2:54 AM

    With all due respect, your link is a low-quality lossy transcode, meaning whatever source you used to convert from was already composed of lossy compressed files. The resultant MP3s, ostensibly 320Kb/s, have a frequency response that tops out BELOW 15KHz, which is equivalent to converting lossless FLAC files to 128Kb/s MP3s. 320Kb/s MP3 files converted from a lossless source should have a frequency ceiling of around 20KHz.

    Most people cannot tell the difference between listening to a lossless source and legitimate 320Kb/s MP3s. But a difference can, indeed, be discerned between a lossless source and 128Kb/s MP3s, of which yours are roughly equivalent. Listening on a high quality audio system makes this even more easily apparent.

    1. Okey-dokey, HQML. This was down-sampled from what came to me as a lossless source (FLAC). So you'll have to take up your complaint with the person who originally uploaded this — not me, in other words.


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