Friday, September 5

Don Dixon - Bottom Line, NYC 1989 (sbd)

DD & friends
The Bottom Line
New York, NY
July 18, 1989

featuring The Uptown Horns

soundboard recording (quality Ex-)

NOTE: the first track is not indicative of what the rest of the show is like; ENJOY!

Don looks like this when he sings so he can make that soulful sound...
01 EEE
02 Cat Out of the Bag
03 Bad Reputation (dB’s cover / P. Holsapple tune)
04 The Dark End of the Street
DD & Marti Jones: still making
great music today
05 Sweet Surrender
06 Roots of Truth
07 Calling Out for Love (at Crying Time)
08 Oh Cheap Chatter
09 Girls L.T.D.
10 The Real One (Marti lead vocal)
11 Helen
12 Love Gets Strange
13 Silent Scream
14 I Can Hear the River
15 band intros
16 Gimme Little Sign
17 Praying Mantis - Louie Louie

TT: 1:11:55

More info about who wrote the songs, etc., can be found in the music file comment tags.

BIG THANKS to lilpanda for sharing this one. He’s often trying to turn people on to Don’s music, which is a cool thing to do...
Don & Marti: way back when. Making music on the porch in N.C...
photo by Harvey Wang  SEE WHAT DD & MJ are up to at their FB page

Don Dixon – vocals, bass
Jamie Hoover – guitar, vocals
Marti Jones – guitar, vocals
Jim Brock – drums, percussion
Denny Fongheiser – drums, percussion

The Uptown Horns:
Bob Funk - trombone
Paul Litterall – trumpet & flugelhorn
Arno Hecht – tenor sax
Crispin Cioe – alto & baritone sax

Learn more about the music of
Don Dixon (& Marti) at Don's web site
Don's latest musical project is BVD (Brooke Vitale Dixon), 
a power rock trio that just issued a self-titled album.


  1. Wow. Nice treat! Haven't come across much DD Boots on the interwebs....thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, CB. Totally agree there needs to be more music out there from Don (& Marti). Cheers.

  2. I saw Marti and Don at The Ramshead in Annapolis, MD a few years back...Sweet show!

    1. I'm not sure I can "top" that, but the wife and I saw them at a great show in Charlotte, N.C. (at Spirit Square, the same venue at which they recorded that live Marti set a year before or after we saw them). Don was wearing that "do rag" on his head, I guess to hide his hair loss!!

    2. Ha, that's pretty awesome you caught the show at Spirit Square...


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