Friday, September 6

Bunky's, Madison, WI 1984

The dB's
Madison, WI
December 2, 1984

audience recording (sound quality VG++; very good sound from first-generation tape source)

Highlight: if you enjoy covers, you will love this show — nearly a third of it consists of The dB's covering other groups' songs. And the performance is smokin'...

HIGH PRAISE for the taper and to dB’s Fan for sharing.
Will Rigby, clowning for Stephanie Chernikowski
in the mid-1980s

Do you have any favorite covers The dB's played in concert or favorite memories of live shows?

There was this crazy night in Madison, Wisconsin. We’d been on tour for a long time, we were burned out, I don’t think there were very many people at the show. We just kind of said “F*#^+ it!” and started playing a lot of covers. That was the only time we played “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and a whole bunch of other covers. I forget what all we played.

01 Neverland
02 Death Garage
03 Rendezvous
04 Spitting In the Wind
05 Great Balls of Fire (Jerry Lee Lewis cover)
06 Bad Reputation
07 Amplifier
08 Not Cool
09 pH Factor
10 Big Brown Eyes  
11 She Got Soul
12 Love Is for Lovers
13 A Spy In the House of Love
14 New Gun In Town
15 Black and White
16 Purple Hose
17 Darby Hall
18 Ramblin' Rose (MC5 cover)
19 See No Evil (Television cover)
20 Heart of Gold (Neil Young cover)
21 Jumpin' Jack Flash (Rolling Sones cover)
22 White Train
23 Little Liza Jane (instrumental, trad.)
24 Suspicious Minds

The dB’s:
Peter Holsapple — guitar, vocals, keyboards
Will Rigby – drums, backing vocals
Gene Holder — lead guitar
Rick Wagner — bass


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