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The Plimsouls - Ventura, CA 1995 + Tour Rehearsals

Ventura Theatre
Ventura, CA
Aug. 31, 1995

audience recording (sound quality VG+; from taper’s DAT master, nice sound, which improves after first two songs; virtually no distracting crowd noise)

BIG CALIFORNIA THANKS to Zoobar and BoulderBurn for sharing so generously!

EVERYONE should know The Plimsouls and their awesome music.

SAMPLE: "Feeling Strange" (Ventura '95)

D1-01 Kool Trash
D1-02 How Long Will It Take?
D1-03 Makin' Time
D1-04 Oldest Story In the World
D1-05 Playing With Jack
D1-06 Great Big World
D1-07 Hush Hush
D1-08 Feeling Strange
D1-09 Down
D1-10 Nickels and Dimes
D1-11 Zero Hour
D1-12 Twelve O'Clock Midnight
D1-13 Lost
D1-14 Pile Up
D1-15 Hobo
D1-16 Glory
D1-17 I'll Get Lucky
D1-18 Without Love

D2-01 A Million Miles Away
D2-02 'Til the End of the Day
D2-03 Come On Now

‘Kool Trash’ Tour Rehearsals
Hollywood, CA
June 8, 1995

soundboard recording (sound quality Ex-)

D2-04 Pile Up
D2-05 Down
D2-06 Twelve O'Clock Midnight
D2-07 Feeling Strange
D2-08 Lost
D2-09 Kool Trash

TT (both discs): 1:50:36

The Plimsouls:
Peter Case – guitar, vocals
David Pahoa – bass, vocals
Eddie Munoz - guitar
Clem Burke – drums

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  1. Thanks so much for posting more Plimsouls! First time I've heard anything from their Kool Trash era lie.

    Do you know if these recordings exist? I saw them listed on a website and a setlist but don't see anything else about them online:

    May 1, 1982, 7 pm, Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA
    May 1, 1982, 9 pm, Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA
    March 6, 1983, 7 pm, Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA

    1. Hey Max - You're welcome; glad you enjoyed these.

      Sorry, I don't know anything about the 1982/83 shows you listed. However, keep checking back here every coupla weeks. I post new material every Friday, and will post more Plimsouls at some point down the road, but it might be a coupla months before I do.

      Take care.

  2. *live I should say :)

  3. Hi,

    Just to notice that D1-17 is a medley between I'll get lucky + Without love, D1-18 is A million miles away, D2-01 is Till the end of the day from the Kinks, D2-02 is another Kinks hit Come on now and finally D2-03 is Now.

    But anyway, thanks a lot for all you share.


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