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Alex Chilton & Teenage Fanclub - Glasgow 1996

13th Note
Glasgow, Scotland
April 8, 1996
FM broadcast ("Beat Patrol", BBC Scotland; sound quality: VG [multi-generation tape converted to wma files, then to MP3])
TFC's Norman Blake & LX Chilton - not really The Odd Couple!
REPERCUSSIONOf all the latter-day groups heavily inspired by Big Star, The Posies and Scottish alt-pop group Teenage Fanclub seem to have won the most respect from the late LX Chilton. Together, LX & Teenage Fanclub recorded a vinyl-only single in 1993 (with "Mine Exclusively" on the A-side and "Patti Girl" on the flip — both rather obscure cover tunes). That same year and in 1996, LX made some live appearances with TFC, one of which was this show in the group's hometown.
More Teenage Fanclub goodies to come in forthcoming posts. ENJOY!   

01 radio intro (early set) 
02 September Gurls
03 I Never Found a Girl (To Love Me Like You Do) Eddie Floyd cover 
04 My Heart Stood Still  Rodgers & Hart tune
05 Patti Girl  Dick Campbell tune (Gary & The Hornets cover)
06 Any Way the Wind Blows  Frank Zappa cover 
07 Walk Right Back  Everly Bros. cover 
08 Free Again  LX Chilton tune      
09 Telstar  Joe Meek / The Ventures cover (tape glitch, 10-sec hiccup at 2:11) 
10 Have I the Right?  Joe Meek / The Ventures cover
11 The Dark End of the Street  Chips Moman / Dan Penn tune
12 What Do You Know About Love?        
13 All Your Lovin' (I Miss Lovin')  Otis Rush cover
14 Life's a Gas  Teenage Fanclub tune
15 Waltz Across Texas  Ernest Tubb cover
16 Wooly Bully        
17 Hey! Little Child        
18 radio outro (early set)
19 intro (late set) + My Baby Just Cares for Me  Walter Donaldson & Gus Kahn tune
20 Good Night My Love 
21 radio outro (late set)        
early set = 1-18; late set = 19-21 (incomplete -- 5 trax from this set saw commercial release on Various Artists - Shoeshine Chartbusters in 1997, so are excluded here)

LX & TEENAGE FANCLUB (early set):
LX Chilton – vocals, guitar
Norman Blake – guitar
Gerard Love - bass
Raymond McGinley - guitar
Paul Quinn - drums

LX Chilton – vocals, guitar
Alex Hutchinson – bass
Francis MacDonald - drums


  1. Weirdly there seems disagreement online on whether this set was in '93 or '96...

  2. also #10 is actually 'Have I The Right'

    1. Yup, I saw both dates when I was doing my research. Given the date of the single they did together & other appearances that same year, I went with 1993.

      I accept your take on the correct title for #10. I have to say, though, I saw both when I was preparing the post and just picked one...

  3. The folks identified do have a song 'Come on Back', but sounds way different on YouTube at least...

  4. Hadn't heard the second set before. Cool stuff.

  5. 1996. They did two dates, on the 7th and 8th.

    1. Thanks, DD (I feel like your handle applies very well to my trying to date this show!). Just changed the date to '96.

  6. Thanks a lot,Love Alex Chilton,Big Star and TFC.
    Cheers Danny.

  7. Never a huge fan of wooly bully, but they fucking nail it!

    1. 8-)
      Funny, because I don't usually think of the Fannies being a great cover band!

  8. What a joy to stumble onto this! Thank you so much for sharing it!


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