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Game Theory - Berkeley, CA 1985 (Scott Miller memorial)

Berkeley Square
Berkeley, CA
Nov. 6, 1985

R.I.P. Scott Miller (1960-2013)
It’s sad the blog’s first Game Theory post coincides with the untimely death of the group’s leader on April 15 at age 53. Yet the music lives on...
Game Theory - shocking and awe-ing, San Francisco, 1985

soundboard (sound quality Ex-; great, warm-sounding recording; and the performance is pretty darn smokin'...)

REPERCUSSION: Mitch Easter has a very strong association with this band, producing and contributing to most of Game Theory’s albums. Chris Woodstra of AllMusic says Mitch functioned as “a fifth member” of the group in the studio, beginning with Real Nighttime (Game Theory’s first proper full-length album) in 1985.

BIG THANKS to the taper, traders and kneesfudd for sharing

SAMPLE: "I've Tried Subtlety (Berkeley 1985)"

01. Charlie Brown instrumental (cuts in; final 2 mins. only)
02. Shark Pretty
03. Never Mind
04. Curse of the Frontier Land
Mitch & Scott Miller
The Drive-In, Winston-Salem, NC 1985
05. The Only Lesson Learned
06. Baker Street
07. 24
08. Waltz the Halls Always
09. Where You Going Northern? -->
10. Real Nighttime
11. Rayon Drive
12. Couldn't I Just Tell You
13. Friend of the Family (cuts in)
14. I've Tried Subtlety
15. Beach State Rocking
16. If & When (sorry, not The dB's song)

17. Remake Remodel
18. I Turned Her Away
19. Dead Center

TT: 76:24 mins.


Game Theory:
Scott Miller - guitars, vocals
Suzi Ziegler - bass, backing vocals
Shelley LaFreniere - keyboards, backing vocals
Gil Ray - drums

Learn more about Game Theory’s music at The Loud Family’s official site and at AllMusic



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