Monday, April 29

Blog Update - more dB's and Letch Actively coming!

Dear blog followers,

To quote my teenage daughter, I'm "super pumped" to report I am now the proud recipient of a new shed load of tapes from dB's Fan — and it's chock full of rare shows by our dB's, Letch Actively, and related artists.

First show of the lot is coming this Friday, so make your usual trek over here in a few days.

How can we express our thanks to dB's Fan? Leave a comment for him here!

Musically yours,



  1. dB's Fan, you Da Man! Thank you for arranging to meet up with me and for scrounging up all the tapes!

  2. db's Fan (and Rob), Keep the stuff coming. Love this band. They should have been stars, but I guess for certain folks they are just as "big" as the biggest hitmakers.

    Ace K.

    1. Couldn't agree more, Ace.

      You have my word: I'll keep this up until one of the following runs out: the tapes ... or me!


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