Friday, November 2

The Mayflies USA - Carrboro, NC 2007 & 2012

  NOTE: 2 shows, 2 separate downloads
The Mayflies USA 
Cat’s Cradle 
Carrboro, NC 
Feb. 2, 2007

(The Mayflies USA opened for The dB’s — making it a two-fold reunion show)

soundboard (EX; nice clear mix, transferred from master tape)

REPERCUSSION: Chris Stamey produced The Mayflies USA's first two albums, and he evidently encouraged them to open for The dB's when they played a reunion show on the same night. You'll also want to know about the group because they fit comfortably in the "power pop with an alternative edge" category. If you don't know 'em, check out The Mayflies USA ... and enjoy.

Just like the music itself, we have batchain to thank for this groovy artwork

BIG OL’ SLOPPY THANKS to batchain for recording and sharing this one!
SAMPLE: "Walking In a Straight Line (Cat's Cardle 2007)"

01 Thinking Out Loud 
02 Just for Fun 
03 The Greatest Thing 
04 Sodium Pentothal 
05 So Young 
06 Malaysia 
07 Walking In a Straight Line 
08 NYC 
09 Baby's Got Her Own Ideas 
10 You and Me 
11 The Apple 
12 One Two Three 
13 Down With Peter Green   
artwork included in download
Alt. Link

The Mayflies USA 
Cat’s Cradle 
Carrboro, NC 
(Yep Rock 15th Anniversary Celebration) 
Oct. 12, 2012
All photos by nickmickolas via Flickr. He's got more HERE.
01 intro (by John Wesley Harding)  
02 You and Me
03 Just for Fun
04 A Change in the Weather
05 NYC
06 The Apple
07 Baby's Got Her Own Plans
08 Summertown
09 Walking in a Straight Line
10 Down with Peter Green + outro


The Mayflies USA:
Matt McMichaels - guitar, vocals
Adam Price - bass, vocals
Matt Long - guitar, vocals
David Liesegang - drums
Buy the Chris Stamey-produced
debut album (now available 
on vinyl) HERE
Chris also produced their
second album, avail. HERE
Learn more about The Mayflies USA at AllMusic


  1. Yes, yes, yes! Just yesterday I was doing my monthly or so websearch for any "new" Mayflies and I found videos on YouTube from this reunion show. And now I check out your site just in case, and here is the whole show! Thank you!

    They are truly one of my favorite power pop bands. Really just a great band. Three songwriters and an ace drummer.

    From the videos it sounds like a little rusty, but I'll stick take it.

    Any more Mayflies would be GREATLY appreciated, but in any case thanks a million for this.

    Ace K.

    Thank you. Any more May

    1. You're very welcome, Ace. We'll see down the road what my source says if I ask him for more of these. Prob'ly won't be any more posted here until perhaps early in the New Year, but do check back.

      And since you like The Mayflies, I sure hope you know or are checking out The dB's!!

  2. No problems waiting, and in any case thanks so much for these. (And for noting two different sets, which I had first missed.)

    I love the dB's. One of my first introductions to the oddities of how the music business worked was when those first LP's were only available as an import (for that matter, same thing at that time with Big Star's first two). It didn't seem to make a lot of sense that some relatively mainstream company wouldn't put them out.

    That first Holsapple-Stamey CD with "Angels" is one of my favorite recordings.

    Great site!

    1. Thanks, Ace. As you imply, there's no accounting for the popularity of bad music and the lack of recognition and/or airplay + sales for the good stuff. In fact, that's one of the injustices that prompted me to start this blog...