Friday, November 2

Bordeaux, France + 'Paris Ave.' outtakes - 1988

The dB's
unidentified TV studio
Bordeaux, France
Jan. 25, 1988

TV-VHS audio rip (sound quality VG+)

BIG THANKS to dB’s Fan for sharing!

SAMPLE: "Spitting In the Wind (Bordeaux 1988)"

01 Think Too Hard
02 Amplifier
03 Big Brown Eyes
04 Not Cool
05 band intros + She Got Soul
06 Spitting In the Wind
07 Bonneville
08 A Spy In the House of Love
09 New Gun In Town
10 announcer + Neverland
11 This Is Where I Belong
12 Money (That's What I Want) [end cut + faded]

The dB's
'Paris Avenue' outtakes 
Brooklyn, NY May 1988 (demo session)


New Orleans, LA July-Sept, 1988 (demo session)

soundboard (sound quality VG++)

Rob, did you say 'Paris Avenue OUTTAKES'?? OK, so Paris Avenue is not most folks' favorite dB's album, myself included. Trust me, though, these outtakes make for a really interesting collection. Admittedly, a few of these tunes are in the "not quite finished" category, but you've also got some fascinating experiments, such as "Explaining to a Child About Sex" and — my favorite of the bunch — the white funk workout "Love Is Letting Go of Fear" (take that, Sly Stone!). Add the earliest known demo for "Taken" and Will's lead vocal on "Second Time Around," and it all makes for a worthwhile listen. Whether you agree or disagree, please leave a comment so I'll know how you see/hear it... 
artwork included in download

SAMPLE: "The Second Time Around (demo 1988)"

01 Explaining to a Child About Sex [1] 
02 Money to Burn
03 The Second Time Around [WR vocal]
04 Metal Detector
05 Taken
06 Explaining to a Child About Sex [2]
07 Love Is Letting Go of Fear

The dB's:
Will Rigby - drums, backing vocals (& lead vocals on #3 above)
Peter Holsapple - guitar, keyboard, vocals
Jeff Beninato - bass & backing vocals
Eric Peterson – guitar 


  1. Hi Rob,

    I'm surprised at the lack of comments, but then again, I'm a little late with mine as well. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks again for all the sharing of db's material.

  2. Cheers, Warren -- I'll take 'em whenever I get 'em!

    Thanks for the thanks...

  3. Gave this a fresh listen. 'Money to Burn' is the must-hear here, as good as anything on Paris Avenue except the standout 'Girlfriend'. And 'Love is Letting Go' isn't as big a mistake as it first sounded.

    1. Interesting to read this, Z. Funny when I compare it to my reaction, which was rather the opposite: "Money to Burn" sounding to me like a perfunctory throwaway, and "Love Is..." sounding like a rather brilliant Sly Stone-style experiment. Perhaps I should follow your lead and revisit the set again soon...