Friday, October 26

I Beam, San Francisco - 1984

The dB's
I Beam
San Francisco, CA
Nov. 15, 1984

audience recording (GD++; not the greatest sound quality in the world, but the energetic performance just about makes up for it)

Highlights: unusual opportunity to hear a pre-show dB’s soundcheck, plus a gaggle of entertaining covers
Artwork courtesy of the ever-generous batchain 
(it's included in the download, as usual...)
THANKS A BUNCH to the taper and batchain for sharing!

SAMPLE: "Black & White (I-Beam, 1984)"

01 Neverland
02 Love Is for Lovers
03 She Got Soul
04 Bad Reputation
05 Amplifier
06 Not Cool
07 Black and White
08 Death Garage
09 White Train
10 Suspicious Minds
11 New Gun In Town
12 Spy In the House of Love
13 Paint It Black
14 See No Evil
15 Everybody's Happy Nowadays (Buzzcocks cover)
16 Big Brown Eyes
17 Heart of Gold
18 Sex Drive (The Embarrassment cover)

01 riffing & jamming
02 more riffing & jamming
03 faffing around + Love Is for Lovers
04 She Got Soul (partial)
05 Everybody's Happy Nowadays (partial)
This post's style, color scheme & theme song is Black & White.  

The dB’s:
Will Rigby – drums & vocals
Gene Holder – lead guitar
Peter Holsapple – guitar & vocals
Rick Wagner - bass


  1. As advertized, sound quality not that hot, but a smokin' run of covers I haven't heard them match elsewhere

    1. I honestly think they saved the best for last in this show...


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