Friday, March 2

KCRW-FM "Snap" Session 1987

The dB's
“Snap” Live Session
KCRW Studios
Santa Monica, CA
December 3, 1987

FM broadcast

Interviewer: Deirdre O'Donoghue (R.I.P.) Deirdre had an awesome radio voice and was a strong supporter of The dB’s.

BIG thanks to markp for the recording & TheCommish for the reup. I used Audacity to do some minor tweaking (noise reduction, etc.) But the torrent files as I received them were pretty amazing, compared to the crappy MP3 version I had for many years.

Fans of The dB’s seem to be split into two basic camps. Camp A believes the group wasn’t worth listening to after Chris left the band to pursue a solo career. Camp B believes the post-Chris, Peter-led dB’s made great albums and played great shows. Since I’m in the latter camp, I’ll be posting material from throughout The dB’s career. If you’re in Camp A, you might want to give this a listen, at least the abbreviated song-only set. It makes a good case that even without Chris (and even with a brand-new member, as with this session), The dB’s made compelling music.

Special highlight: Peter forgetting the words to “O Holy Night”!

New recruit Eric Peterson is the long guy with tall hair (Janiss Garza photo)
01 intro
02 Today Could Be the Day
03 banter
04 Change With The Changing Times
05 banter
06 Molly Says
07 Working For Somebody Else
08 banter and band introductions
09 This Is Where I Belong
10 White Train
11 banter
12 Amplifier > I'll Take You There
13 banter
14 Home For The Holidays
15 banter
16 O Holy Night
17 banter
18 Bonneville
19 banter
20 Spitting Into The Wind
21 She Got Soul
22 New Gun In Town
23 banter
24 Neverland
25 outro

FULL SESSION (with interviews):
Alt. Link

SONGS ONLY (very little chit-chat):

The dB's:
Peter Holsapple: guitar, vocals
Will Rigby: drums, backing vocals
Jeff Beninato: bass, vocals
Eric Peterson: second guitar


  1. Thanks for this.... I too just had MP3s I'd ripped from an old dubbed tape that was missing the first few tracks...

  2. Glad to share. Worth hearing the whole thing, methinks!