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Alex Chilton Tribute 2010 (feat. Chris)

'Thank You Friend'
Cat’s Cradle
Carrboro, NC
May 28, 2010

(Chris Stamey, musical director)

soundboard recording (quality Ex-)

BIG THANKS to the taper & uploader!

DAMN. I'm really hating the thought of those folks who were frolicking down in Austin at SxSW Fest recently -- without me! -- and hearing the first of The dB's reunion shows since RSD 2011 in Atlanta (OK, the ones in Austin were minus Gene & plus Mitch, but you get the idea...). Anyway, I was thinking about how to console myself and remembered that I had this show. It features Chris, who was musical director, and Mitch plus Eric Peterson, who played guitar with The dB's during some of their live tours in the 1980s.

Uploader's notes: A special thanks goes to Doug Edmunds and Alex Maiolo for arranging this show. All of the show proceeds went to Future of Music Coalition, an advocacy group for musicians and their healthcare needs. Please see if you feel inclined to contribute. I've tried to identify most of the people playing but I know I missed a few of them. Generally the performers are noted above the songs they are playing. Also there has been a fair amount of editing to remove extended empty periods between performers.

Rob says: This tribute show is clearly a labor of love; but musically, it's a rather mixed bag. But all the performances are enjoyable, and some are true gems (eg, Chris’ performance of “I Am the Cosmos” on Disc 3.) Perfect sound quality from a soundboard master tape.

Preview article for the show, with comments from some performers, is here at IndyWeek.Com
Chris playing at a Big Star's Third live performance, NYC 2011
Ted Barron photo
The Magic Babies w/ Jen Richelson
01  Soul Deep
02  Cry Like A Baby
03  Don't Lie To Me
Holden Richard w/ Chris Stamey
04  Try Again
Jeff Carroll, Greg Humphreys, Lynn Blakey, Jane Francis, Ann Humphreys
05  Thirteen
Adam Price, Matt McMichaels, Wes Lachot, Doug Edmunds
06  What's Going Ahn
07  Life Is White
Jeff Carroll, Eric Peterson, Doug Edmunds, FJ Ventre
08  Back Of A Car
09  Everyday As We Grow Closer
10  -banter/band intro-
Jay Manley, Jane Francis, Doug Edmunds, Wes Lachot, Lisa Lachot
11  September Gurls
12  Jesus Christ
Tom Maxwell
13  Nighttime
14  Holocaust
15  -banter-

Stars Explode
01  -band/song intro-
02  Way Out West
03  In The Street
Lynn Blakey & Ecki Heins
04  -intro/#5 false start-
05  Watch The Sunrise
06  Give Me Another Chance
Chris Stamey
07  She Might Look My Way
08  -audience drummer request-
09  Downs
Jeff Hart & Mockpile
10  Oh My Soul
11  When My Baby's Beside Me
Doug Edmunds, Alex Maiolo, Missy Thangs, Tim Logan, Stu McLamb, Ecki Heins
12  Big Black Car
13  Stroke It Noel
The Huguenots w/ Doug Edmunds, Lisa Lachot
14  You Can't Have Me
15  -banter/thanks friends-

Mitch Easter, Chris Samey, Doug Edmunds, Pat McGraw
01  The Ballad Of El Goodo (Doug Edmunds - vocal)
02  My Life Is Right (Pat McGraw - vocal)
03  She's A Mover (Mitch Easter - vocal)
04  I Am The Cosmos (Chris Stamey - vocal)
Greg Humphreys
05  I'm In Love With A Girl
06  The Letter
John Howie, Jr & the Rosewood Bluff w/ Jay Manley
07  Free Again
08  Alex Chilton (P. Westerberg)
09  Thank You Friends

Alt. linx (MF):
Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3

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