Friday, March 16

Heartbreak Hotel 1984

The dB's
Heartbreak Hotel
St. Louis, MO
July 14, 1984

audience recording
BIG thanks to the original taper & glenn s for the share!

Highlights: a rare live performance of "Darby Hall" and pre-The Sound of Music performance of "Any Old Thing."
Nice hat, Will. Cool shades, Gene & Rick. Nice ... nice PEN, Peter!
Record store, Houston, TX 1984 (Stephanie Chernikowski photo)
Rob Sez: One of the earlier shows in the tour promoting Like This. So early, in fact, that Peter says the album is not out yet, and due to be released “next month”. The band sounds well rehearsed and glad to be playing again in public after a long absence. (Fair warning: the vocals sound a tad distant and there’s a dropout a coupla secs. long at the beginning of “New Gun”.)

1. Intro > Neverland
2. We Were Happy There
3. Love Is for Lovers
4. She Got Soul
5. Spitting In the Wind
6. Amplifier
7. Bad Reputation
8. Not Cool
9. Darby Hall
10. A Spy In the House of Love
11. Living a Lie
12. Rendezvous
13. New Gun In Town
14. White Train
15. Nothing Is Wrong
16. Black and White
17. pH Factor
18. Any Old Thing
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The dB's:
Peter Holsapple
Gene Holder
Will Rigby
Rick Wagner

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