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Close Lobsters - Rarities & Live BLOWOUT

Rarities 1984-1990
CLOSE LOBSTERS: then (above) & live in 2012 (below)

soundboard recordings
(sound quality: VG to VG+)

01 From This Day On (demo c. 1984)
02 Don't Worry (early version 1985)
03 I Grow So Young
     (aka Van Morrisons Trousers) 
04 Deep House
05 Head Above Water
     (live CBGB, NYC 1989)
06 Chicago (live in USA 1989 or '90)
07 Settle Down
     (live King Tuts, Glasgow 1990)
08 Nitwit (live King Tuts, 
     Glasgow 1990)
09 Steel Love (non-LP single 1989)
10 Float On (non-LP compilation 
     track 1990)

SPECIAL THANKS to Close Lobsters for sharing these rare tracks. 

Rarities 2009-2018
(instrumental experiments & remixes)

soundboard recordings (sound quality: VG++)

01 Cosmic War (Melancholy Soul Mix)
02 Cosmic War (Anti-Orestes Mix)
03 Cosmic War (Radical & Absolute)
04 Chaosmos
05 Melancholy Soul
06 Disegno 23
07 Disegno 24
08 La Speranza 8
09 Wander Elektro 2018 

NOTE: All but a few of these are beat-heavy instrumentals & remixes, presumably by Close Lobsters front man Andrew Burnett. Many are variations on the same melodic theme.

Port Talbot, Wales
May 21, 1987

soundboard recording (sound quality: VG+)

01 Going to Heaven to See If It Rains
02 Sewer Pipe Dream
03 Pimps
04 Pathetique
05 Just Too Bloody Stupid
06 Promise Me Back
07 I Kiss the Flower In Bloom 
08 Never Seen Before
09 I Take Bribes
10 Prophecy
11 Firestation Towers
12 Mother of God
MEGA THANKS to the taper and to lucky for the unexpected share!

Radio Sessions 1986-1989
FM & soundboard recordings
(sound quality: VG to VG+)
01 Nothing Really Matters
02 Going to Heaven to See If It Rains 
03 Pathetic Trivia
04 Never Seen Before
05 Loopholes
06 From This Day On
07 What Is There to Smile About?
08 Mirror Breaks (The Mob cover)
09 Lovely Little Swan
10 Knee Trembler
11 Nature Thing
12 Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
      (Soft Cell cover)
  • 01-04 = Janice Long BBC Radio 1 show. Rec. 29 June 1986. Broadcast 15 July 1986.
  • 05-08 = John Peel Session, BBC London. Rec. 15 Dec. 1987. Broadcast 4 Jan. 1988.
  • 09-12 = Radio Clyde Session 1989.

ROB SEZ: When I shared two CL live shows last Friday, I had very little left in the barrel to share later. Then, ASH-connected music hero lucky showed up with this radio session and the Wales live gig. ALL THANKS & PRAISE to lucky! Mystery bonus shares are hiding in plain sight...

FLAC + MP3@320 (Wales live set in flac; all else lossy)

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  1. Just to round out the collection, here are a couple more bonus shares:

    Close Lobsters - Live 2012-2013

    audience recordings (sound quality: VG to VG++; the 2013 tracks could be mistaken for an FM recording)

    01 Going to Heaven to See If It Rains (live 2012)
    02 Never Seen Before (live 2012)
    03 Just Too Bloody Stupid (live 2012)
    04 Let's Make Some Plans (live 2013)
    05 Knee Trembler (live 2013)
    06 Going to Heaven to See If It Rains (live 2013)
    07 I Kiss the Flower In Bloom (live 2013)

    01-03 = Madrid Popfest 2012
    04-07 = Stereo, Glasgow, Scotland 2013

    MEGA THANKS to Rafa Skam, van astra and Airielle Six for sharing their gems with the world.

    By 1992, Close Lobsters was no longer a going concern — but the band never officially split. When the members re-grouped in 2012 to play live shows, they sounded rejuvenated. Here's an audio souvenir from that period.


    Another bonus:

    Close Lobsters - What Is There to Smile About? EP (1988) flac
    5-track EP - CD rip (includes “Violently Pretty Face” and an alternate version of “The Skyscrapers of St. Mirin”, neither of which are available elsewhere):


  2. Super maxi post Rob!
    Am going to enjoy these a lot.
    Mega thanks to all involved, excellent!!


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