Tuesday, November 21

Wondermints - All-Covers Show, LA 1998

unknown venue
Los Angeles, CA
March 1998

audience recording (sound quality: VG)

NOTEThere are guest vocals on some songs by Lisa Jenio and Lisa Mychols. The correct title for tracks 11 & 12  is "Cris Craft".

ROB SEZ: Gotta love those Wondermints. Members of the combo got so good at making masterly pop music that Brian Wilson tapped them to collaborate with him in live performances and studio work. We're indebted to Mick for today's post, for assembling it & creating the artwork. Thanks also to Don for posting years ago at ASH.

ASH Tuesday post #80


  1. Love your blog. Has to be of One of best I have found. More wondermints please. Do you have any of the other boots to share? Like live at rehearsal room, live at borderline, and house of Blues. Those others I know about. I am sure there are more. Thanks for this.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I have all or most of those bootlegs you mention, and will have to get them out & dust 'em off at some point. Did you find the Live at Club Quattro 1999 set I posted a while back?

  2. Rob,

    Thanks, and yes I have Club Quattro for your blog. That is actually how I found your blog a long while ago. Love all the artists, and the extras you post in the comments. I have been on a Wondermints, The Posies and (Jon and Ken Solo), Pugwash and Jason falkner kick recently. So please keep posting all the rarities and great music. Thanks again.

    1. Excellent. You'll be pleased to know a Jason Falkner post is coming to the blog in a few weeks. As I said, I'll try to dust off those other W'mints posts for you. Probably early 2018, if I had to guess. Happy Holidays...


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