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Orange Juice - Live 1982 & 1983

Victoria Park
London, UK
Hiroshima Peace Day Festival
August 6, 1983

audience recording (sound quality VG- to VG; chatty folks near the taper must be endured, but this is otherwise a decent recording)

SAMPLE: "Bridge" (London 1983)

01 Lovesick
02 Falling and Laughing
03 Dying Day
04 Breakfast Time
05 In a Nutshell
06 Bridge
07 Poor Old Soul
08 Day I Went Down to Texas
09 Tender Object
10 Rip It Up
11 I Can't Help Myself
ROB SEZ: After the Josef K post last Friday, I thought the right thing to do would be to feature Orange Juice, fellow Scotsmen and Postcard Records label-mates to Josef K.
THANKS TO THE TAPER, to MATB for the original share, and to Zombiwoof for the re-share.

Keele University
Staffordshire, UK
Nov. 24, 1982

audience recording (sound quality VG-; vocals sound distant, but fans will still want to hear this)

01 Lovesick
02 Dying Day
03 Flesh of My Flesh
04 In a Nutshell
05 Falling & Laughing
06 Breakfast Time
07 Poor Old Soul
08 I Can't Help Myself
09 Tender Object
10 Rip It Up
11 Simply Thrilled Honey
12 I'll Take You There
13 Lovesick

EXTRA THANKS to Sniffer and Brandon for sharing.


Orange Juice:
Edwyn Collins - guitar, vocals
Malcolm Ross - guitar, keyboards
Dave McLymont - bass
Zeke Manyika - drums

Learn more about the music of Orange Juice
at Wikipedia and/or AllMusic


  1. Ta! Whilst on the Scots, check out here and, on the same blog, my posts of the Scars and The Armoury Show;


    Cheers, Dave (coincidentally) Sez.

  2. Hello, I wanted to share various Edwyn Collins live recordings in France from 1995, and my quest brought me here !
    This is basically a transfer of a tape I made over 20 years ago, featuring radio/TV appearances, a showcase in a record shop in my hometown and seven songs from a concert from the same day (recorded with a cassette walkman, but quite listenable...)
    Note : this is in 128kbps, there was no other way I could do the transfer.
    I hope someone will enjoy this !


    1. A lovely addition to this post; thank you, anonymous!


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