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Jeffrey Dean Foster - Rarities Collection

studio and live tracks
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Jeffrey Dean Foster: a name to know for quality rock, Americana, singer-songwriter

Jeffrey Dean Foster is a Winston-Salem, N.C. musician known for his work in The Right Profile, The Carneys and The Pinetops. Now, he's becoming known as a talented solo artist. His new album, The Arrow -- recorded with Mitch Easter and Don Dixon -- is coming in November (see below). This rarities collection is in two parts: Part 1 contains the unreleased EP by The Carneys, 1000 Nights and Counting (excellent roots rock, well-played) plus a similar-sounding solo track; Part 2 features a much more mellow live set by Jeffrey, in solo singer-songwriter mode, at a Chapel Hill club in 2012. The live set is an audience recording.

Sound quality: variable (VG- to VG+)

THANK YOU to The Carneys, JDF, Jesse Knight, and Will Safrit for sharing.

The Carneys: 9:30 Club show, 1980s
SAMPLE: "Heaven Bound (The Carneys)"

The Carneys
1,000 Nights and Counting
unreleased EP, rec. 1989
01 Gonna Be Tough
02 Arithmetic Baby
03 The Bells
04 Heaven Bound
05 Independence Clowns
06 Brand New Car
07 When You Break (unreleased JDF studio track)

Jeffrey Dean Foster Live
The Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC
Sept. 28, 2012
Recording the new album at Mitch's studio
Mary k. elkins photo
08 Out of the Blue
09 Jigsaw Man*
10 Summer of the Son of Sam
11 Milk and Honey
12 Witchita Lineman (cover)
13 Morningside*
14 Break Her Heart
15 So Lonesome I Could Fly
16 This Land Is Your Land
    (live, undated)
17 Widow's Peak
    (The Pinetops, live 1998)
*9 & 13 will appear on the new album


This solo album appeared in 2011
New album The Arrow 
 arrives in November. 
Music compadré Fred Mills has heard it, and says: 
"This is the kind of record that can literally stop you in your tracks it’s so good.... I guarantee it will be on my best-of 2014 list come December."
Sample it HERE and HERE
Buy it HERE or HERE
Read about it HERE & HERE

Learn more about the music of Jeffrey Dean Foster at his web site or FB page

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