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The Clientele & Alasdair MacLean - Live at WFMU, N.J. 2009 + 2014 (sbd)

The Clientele 
WFMU Live Session
Jersey City, N.J.
July 18, 2014

webstream capture (sound quality: VG++) - Irwin Chusid's Show
The Clientele - Live Session 2010

01 We Could Walk Together 
02 Porcelain
03 On a Summer Trail
04 Missing
05 Driving South
06 Bicycles
07 Impossible
08 Lamplight
09 intro, interview segments, outro

ROB SEZ: I've fallen hard recently for the amazing The Clientele, founded in London in 1997. As you'll hear in these recordings, the heart and soul of the band is co-founder Alasdair MacLean's voice, mesmeric guitar playing, and poetic lyrics. The closest analogy for the inevitable question of what the group sounds like is to imagine the mature Teenage Fanclub playing gentle-yet-compelling folk pop, fronted by Nick Drake. Try one of the video samples and see what happens. Me? I'm hooked for good. All thanks & praise to WFMU DJ Irwin Chusid for championing The Clientele and arranging a live session in 2014, preceded by MacLean's solo session 5 years earlier. The Clientele's most recent releases are two singles from 2020, so here's hoping they'll soon be releasing new material and/or touring.

...and here's what Alasdair sounds like solo

Alasdair MacLean
WFMU Live Session 
Jersey City, N.J.
Oct. 28, 2009

webstream capture (sound quality: VG++) - Irwin Chusid's Show
01 Bonfires On the Heath 
02 Since K Got Over Me
03 Rain
04 Saturday
05 Six A.M. Morningside
06 intro, interview segments, outro

FLAC lossless capture, lossy source


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