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Silver Jews - WFMU Live Session 2008 (complete)

WFMU Live Session 
Benjamin Walker Show
East Orange, N.J.
Sept. 7, 2008
(broadcast Sept. 8) 

complete live session, including David Berman interview

webstream recording (sound quality: VG+)

Silver Jews - onstage, 2008

01 DJ intro

02 What Is Not But Could Be If

03 Trains Across the Sea

04 Smith and Jones Forever

05 Tennessee

06 David berman chats with the DJ 

07 San Francisco B.C.

08 How to Rent a Room

09 Random Rules

10 Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed

11 David Berman again chats with the DJ

12 Suffering Jukebox

13 Horseleg Swastikas

14 David Berman chats (for a third time!) 

     with the DJ

15 Party Barge

16 DJ outro

ROB SEZ: I’d heard about Silver Jews and even sampled their music some time ago, when founder-leader David Berman still walked the earth. The band and I didn't gee haw at the time, I guess, 'cuz I left 'em to their own devices. Fast forward a decade or so: a deadly worldwide pandemic must've put me on Berman’s musical wavelength. Even if you’re not typically a fan of sardonic, laconic indie music with a folk-country flavor, you might still enjoy this. There’s a reason AllMusic & others give Silver Jews very high ratings. Huge thanks to Benjamin Walker and the WFMU crew for recording and sharing this.

FLAC lossless capture, lossy source


Learn more about the music of Silver Jews at

AllMusic and Wikipedia


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