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Pylon - Danceteria, NYC 1982

New York City  
April 10, 1982

audience recording (sound quality VG-; transfer from first-generation tape)

Pylon: early eighties indie rock heroes

DISC 1 (first set)
1.  intro
2.  Crazy
3.  Working Is No Problem
4.  Read a Book
5.  Cool
6.  Gravity
7.  Altitude
8.  Italian Movie Theme
9.  Reptiles
10. Beep (early version)
11. Stop It
12. Volume
13. encore applause
14. M-Train (brief cut repaired at 2:33)

DISC 2 (second set)
1.  Crazy
2.  3x3
3.  Gravity
4.  Dub
5.  Cool
6.  Danger
7.  Weather Radio
8.  No Clocks
9.  Stop It
10. Beep
11. Volume
12. encore applause
13. M-Train
14. Feast on My Heart (brief cut repaired at 2:41)
15. encore applause
16. Driving School
17. outro

REPERCUSSION: Chris and Gene produced Chomp, Pylon’s second (and some say best) album, most of which was recorded at Mitch Easter’s Drive-In Studio. Have a listen to this show and hear why R.E.M. covered the Pylon song "Crazy" and R.E.M. drummer Bill Berry told Rolling Stone that Pylon (not R.E.M.) were “the best band in America.” Propulsive rhythms that you can dance to, jagged-but-hooky guitar riffs, yelping/growling vocals — how bizarre-cool can you get?? 

BIG OL’ THANKS to the taper and dclubok for sharing!
Someone at the torrent tracker had these comments about some of the tracks:

Set 1: Track 10 - Beep (from Chomp, but the lyrics seem a bit different, perhaps these were just working lyrics prior to completing the lyrics that ended up on the album)
Set 2: Track 2 - 3x3 (unreleased as far as I know, only performed live)
Set 2: Track 16 - Driving School (from Gyrate, was on original pressings, later pressings [as well as European pressings] used "Recent Title" instead)
Randall Bewley (R.I.P.) - guitar
Michael Lachowski - bass
Curtis Crowe - drums
Vanessa Briscoe – vocals

MORE REPERCUSSION: Here's Vanessa Briscoe Hay (Pylon vocalist), describing the recording of the band's second album, Chomp (produced by Chris Stamey and Gene Holder) to music writer Fred Mills in 2007:
"Working with Chris and Gene, they both had such different personalities and they really complemented each other. Chris was playing around with things, stuff we hadn't thought of, like noisegating the drums; he just thought outside the box, and he didn't look at anything like it was a problem, but more like, ‘Well, if this isn't going to work, what else can we do?'" 

Learn more about the music of Pylon


  1. So cool to see this posted - thank you!

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    1. Enjoy, Carey. Just finished the lavish book in the Pylon box set. SO beautifully done! Onto the music...

  3. Thanks for posting this Pylon show!


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