Sunday, February 7

Veronica Falls - London 2011

Rough Trade East 
London, UK
Oct. 20, 2011

audience recording (sound quality: VG)

01 The Box

02 Stephen

03 Found Love In a Graveyard 

04 Bad Feeling

05 Buried Alive

06 The Fountain

07 Beachy Head

08 Starry Eyes

09 Come On Over

ROB SEZ: A short, but solid set from the late, great Veronica Falls. The group came & went like a blazing comet that leaves witnesses wondering, "Did we really experience that?" Attentive readers know I'm a huge fan of this band, but if you missed the comet, you can still enjoy the bright trail of stardust it left in its wake. I didn't catch the names of the taper & sharer, but I am indebted to them for this. I thought the original files as received needed some work, so I raised the levels and added one pass of compression and eq to bring out the best in the recording. Please enjoy.

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