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Continental Drifters - Two N.J. Soundboards 1999 + 2001

*featuring Peter Holsapple, of course*

Hoboken, N.J.
Dec. 6, 1999

soundboard recording (sound quality: Ex-) ACOUSTIC SHOW

SAMPLE: "Don't Do What I Did" (feat. Peter Holsapple) - Live 2001

01 house music
02 A Song for You (Gram Parsons)

cover art included in the download (date is in error)

03 Christopher Columbus 
     Transcontinental Highway
04 You're Gonna Need Somebody
05 Wipeout
06 Snow
07 Na Na
08 Meet Me In the Middle
09 Some of Shelly's Blues (Nesmith)
10 To Sir, with Love 
     (Don Black, Mark London)
11 Never Ending Song of Love 
     (Delaney Bramlett)
12 Anything
13 Matty Groves (trad.)
14 I'm a Dreamer (Sandy Denny)
15 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot 
     Me Down) (Sonny Bono)
16 Mixed Messages
17 Falling' Apart at the Dreams
18 'composite sketch'
19 Bus Stop (G. Gouldman)
20 Wichita Lineman (Jimmy Webb)
21 Darlin Darlin
22 Meet On the Ledge
     (Richard Thompson)
23 'Kate worship'
24 Honeybees 
(Kate Jacobs, Charlie 
     Shaw, James MacMillan)
Peter devoted many years of his life to the Drifters
25 Shallow
26 You're from Indiana
27 Don't Do What I Did 
28 Heart, Home
29 Farmer’s Daughter (M. Love, 
     B. Wilson)
30 Umppah!
31 Watermark
32 Tell Me When Its Over (S. Wynn)
33 Tuesday (S. Wynn)
34 Now I Ride Alone (S. Wynn)
35 Carolyn (S. Wynn)
36 Kerosene Man (S. Wynn)
37 I Want to Learn to Waltz with You
38 'tolerate the diva'
39 Way of the World
40 Drifters
41 Tighter, Tighter (Alive 'n' Kickin')

ROB SEZ: Oh, man! It was early Christmas for me when these two shows appeared in mid-December. And they're studies in musical contrasts: the '99 acoustic show at Maxwell's is a sprawling, no-holds-barred, guest-packed, glorious juggernaut; while the '01 electric show is tight & focused. Both of them are marvels of sound quality, from master soundboard tapes. HUGE THANKS to the Anonymous taper, to Ted M. for supplying the tapes, to Joe N. for digitizing & editing, and to photoleon for sharing. Sample the sample, and your ears will tell you what kind of treat you're in for. Please post a comment to thank the band and the ROIO heroes who brought these recordings to you. Read this great interview with Peter and other Drifters reminiscing about the band.

Where it went down in New Brunswick, N.J.

The Court Tavern, 
New Brunswick, N.J.
July 8, 2001
soundboard recording (sound quality: Ex-)

01 stage greeting, tuning
02 Someday
03 Christopher Columbus 
     Transcontinental Highway
04 Live on Love
05 Christopher Columbus 
     Transcontinental Highway (reprise) 
06 Snow
07 Mixed Messages
08 Don't Do What I Did
09 Cousin
10 Meet Me In the Middle
11 'contact high'
12 Long Journey Home
13 Tomorrow's Gonna Be
14 Watermark
15 I Want to See the Bright Lights
     Tonight (R. & L. Thompson)
16 Too Little, Too Late
17 Peaceful Waking
18 Na Na
19 Way of the World
20 Who We Are, Where We Live 
21 encore break
22 Dedicated to the One I Love
     (Lowman Pauling, Ralph Bass)

Continental Drifters:
Peter Holsapple; guitar, accordion, vocals
Vicki Peterson; guitars, vocals
Robert Maché; guitars, mandolin, vocals
Russ Broussard; drums
Mark Walton; bass, acoustic guitar, vocals 
Susan Cowsill; guitars, vocals
Dan McGough; organ, piano




  1. If the sample is anything to go by, this will be excellent. Cheers

    1. That sample is indeed representative of the show overall. Please enjoy, Sir Billy...

  2. These concerts were great! Thank you!

    A wonderful very underrated band.

    Captain Al

    1. You're welcome, Capt. Al. Thanks for stopping by...


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