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Ocean Blue - Ventura, CA 1993 (pre-FM) + bonus

Ventura Theatre
Ventura, CA
Nov. 3, 1993

Pre-FM (sound quality Ex-; bonus tracks’ sound quality = VG to Ex-)

ROB SEZ: I didn't become a fan of the Ocean Blue until recently. But the great thing about being a music fan in the Internet age is, it's really never too late. Since Ocean Blue have re-formed and recorded new music, the season for my fandom may have arrived. Is the re-formed band actually stronger now than before its initial split in the mid-1990s? Discuss. If you want to hear a recent live set with the band playing the debut & Cerulean albums in their entirety, please leave a comment.

01 Don't Believe Everything You Hear
02 Sublime
03 Bliss Is Unaware
04 Between Something & Nothing
05 Marigold
06 Drifting, Falling
07 Ballerina Out of Control
08 Cerulean
09 There Is a Light That 
     Never Goes Out (The Smiths) 

10 Between Something & Nothing
11 Sublime
Some will remember the "Sublime" video
12 Don't Believe Everything 
     You Hear
13 Cerulean
14 There Is a Light That 
     Never Goes Out 
15 Sublime

1-9 = Ventura, CA 1993-11-03 (pre-FM)
10 & 11 = Live 1994
12 = BBC 1996 live recording
13 = TV performance, Studio 59, circa 1991
14 = Live at the Bayou 1994
15 = Conan O'Brien Show, 1993

MEGA THANKS to muchmusic for the Ventura set with additional thanks to wave1one, cerulean123, Peru TOB, Robaire M and Oed Ronne

The most recent studio album
buy it from the band

FLAC (first 9 tracks only - for Nick)

The Ocean Blue:
Peter Anderson - drums, vocals
Bobby Mittan - bass
Oed Ronne - guitar, keyboard, vocals  
David Schelzel - vocals, guitar

Learn more about the music of the Ocean Blue at the band's web site, FB page, Wikipedia & Trouser Press  



  1. I've loved these guys since 1990! Saw them on the Cerulean / BTR&S / See tours. The BTR&S show was awesome - they never sounded better. Played as a 5-piece with both Steve Lau and Oed Ronne on hand. I'd love to hear any live recording you have since they're so hard to find. Thanks!

    1. Duly noted, Anonymous. Check back here in a few weeks and I'll try to get some more Ocean Blue posted for you.

    2. Who opened for them? I saw them in 90s in Charlottesville, Va and still listen. They had a similar sounding band that opened but can’t remember name.

  2. Just discovered your blog, and what a fine one it is! Thanks for all your hard work and I hope to re-visit often. Sounds like work's got you busy, but if your Ocean Blue love is still deep, please share the joy-- I'm sure we'd all appreciate it. Have a great summer!

    PS: Any Reivers? I'd think they'd be really up your alley...

    1. Hi Anonymous. I will put another O.B. post on my To Do list for the next month or two. Check back and I should have something up by the end of July. Don't really know much about Reivers, but I should check them out...

  3. Thanks for this fantastic show. Would love to have that other Ocean Blue show you referenced. Love your website. Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. Do you happen to have a lossless copy? Thank you!

    1. I might have the Ventura tracks in lossless. Gimme a few days, and then check back here over the weekend. At the very least, I'll leave another comment to let you know what I found.

    2. Thank you for taking the time to reply Rob :)

  5. I also forgot to mention I uploaded 3 Ocean blue shows on my account @ . They are from 1990, 2013 and 2018. It was all thanks to the original taper in Chicago :)

  6. Thank you - followed them from early on - and have the new material - would love to see/hear them now!

  7. Thanks for the repost. Was hoping to see them live in Atlanta last year for the first time. It's rescheduled for September. Fingers crossed.

  8. Love their sound! Shared a beer and a ciggy with their (still) super handsome singer, Dave back in the mid '90's at a show in S.C. Thank you it's to find anything live wise on these blokes so much appreciated, matey!

    Peace & 1Love


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