Friday, June 19

Three O'Clock - Live 1985 + 1990

London, UK
Sept. 4, 1985 
audience recording (sound quality: VG-)
SAMPLE: "Stupid Einstein" (live in L.A. 1990)

01 stage entrance, tuning
02 Her Head's Revolving
"Jet Fighter" video shoot so very groovy
03 Each and Every 
     Lonely Heart
04 When Lightning Starts
05 In My Own Time
06 Mrs. Green
07 Underwater
08 talking 
09 I Go Wild
10 Knowing When You Smile 
11 Half the Way There
12 Hand In Hand
13 The Girl With a Guitar
14 Stupid Einstein 
15 Spun Gold 
16 Sorry
17 Jet Fighter
18 Going Home
19 pre-encore applause
20 It's All Too Much
21 No Matter What
22 pre-encore applause
23 With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend
24 Paperback Writer (The Beatles)
Club Lingerie
Los Angeles, CA
March 13, 1990
soundboard recording (quality: Ex-; sourced from master tape)
* the band's final show before announcing their split; with Jason Falkner on guitar & backing vocals *
The Three O'Clock at Paisley Park: beginning of the end
01 With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend+
02 When Lightning Starts*
03 I Go Wild+
04 Stupid Einstein*
05 In My Own Time*
06 Sorry+
07 Jet Fighter
08 Mind Gardens^
09 Desdemona
      (John’s Children / Marc Bolan cover)

Note: symbols indicate the album on which each song originally appeared —
+Baroque Hoedown
*16 Tambourines
^Salvation Army (pre-Three O’Clock band & album of same name)
“Jet Fighter” was a stand alone single

ROB SEZ: You can't avoid The Three O'Clock if, like me, you enjoy a variety of alternative music from the 1980s. This is especially true if you appreciate the so-called "Paisley Underground" bands from that era. Liking The Three O'Clock, however, is a different matter. Frontman Michael Quercio's singing voice is one that creates strongly divided opinions. I heard about the group decades ago, sampled their music, and concluded "Um ... I don't think so." Recently re-visiting the band's music convinced me I should give the guys another chance. I'm glad I did. HUGE THANKS to the tapers, Stachelbar for sharing the 1985 recording, and to Milocampo for sharing the 1990 show. Recommended reading: Mick Dillingham's excellent "The Story of the Three O'Clock."
The Three O'Clock:
Michael Quercio - lead vocals, bass
Louis Gutierrez - guitar, vocals (1985 performance)
Mike Mariano - keyboards, vocals
Danny Benair - drums, vocals
Jason Falkner - guitar, vocals (1990 performance)



  1. This is great! Saw them in 1985 with REM in Hartford. Takes me back!

  2. Cheers, Ted. Glad to send you on a nostalgia trip... 8-)

  3. Sorry is a cover of a song by 60's Australian band The Easybeats.


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