Friday, June 26

Three O'Clock - 1st Reunion Show, Pomona, CA 2013 (aud)

The Glass House 
Pomona, CA
April 6, 2013
audience recording (sound quality: VG; from the master recording; everything sounds really good, but the vocals are low-ish in the mix)

01 stage entrance
02 Simon In the Park
03 With a Cantaloupe
04 When Lightning Starts
05 I Go Wild

06 Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd cover)
07 Upside Down 
08 As Real As Real
09 Fall to the Ground
10 On My Own
11 Knowing When You Smile
12 Marjorie Tells Me
13 Stupid Einstein
14 In My Own Times
15 Sorry
16 Going Home
17 Jet Fighter
18 Her Head's Revolving
19 pre-encore applause
20 And So We Run
21 Feel a Whole Lot Better
      (The Byrds cover)

22 Mind Gardens
Michael Quercio at Coachella 2013 by Thomas Hawk via Flickr
(more photos from Coachella are in the download)

ROB SEZ: Here's a story: Michael Quercio had been steadfastly resisting requests for a Three O'Clock reunion until Coachella offered them a slot for the 2013 festival — and that did it. In the run-up to Coachella, the band played some additional gigs, including this one — the first in 23 years, since the 1990 show posted here last week. Four days after this, the band played live on Conan O'Brien (see below)ALL PRAISES to Milocampo who recorded and shared this one.
The Three O'Clock plays "With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend" on Conan in 2013




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