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The dB's - Viceroy Park, Charlotte, N.C. 1982

The dB's
Viceroy Park
Charlotte, NC
Jan. 7, 1982

audience recording (sound quality range: VG to VG+). A few anomalies to note: brief cut repaired in “Ask for Jill” at 2:11, crowd noise comes & goes during the show, and I converted tracks 03 and 04 from stereo to mono to reduce excessive & loud crowd chatter near the taper.
Here's a GROOVY photo from a 1982 in-store appearance. In addition to the amazing early '80s hairstyles, check out the dB's poster & 45's on the counter, with Repercussion LP's (featuring the original cover art) in the bin below — next to the Yes, Journey and Cheap Trick albums (!). 
Peter, is that a headband you're wearing?!?
All hail dB's Fan for providing such a cool piece of memorabilia
ROB SEZ: This is another previously unknown Repercussion-era live show, and the performance affirms my conviction that this tour marked the peak of the band in concert (at least for The dB's Mach I.) This might be the only known live recording that features both “PH” instrumentals: “pH Factor” as well as “Purple Hose”. Very large thanks to TC for the recording and big thanks to dB's Fan for sharing.

01 Living a Lie (beginning cut, fades in)
02 We Were Happy There        
03 Ups and Downs*        
This is not The dB’s. It's Iggy Pop.
But it’s Iggy Pop at Viceroy Park in Charlotte
which is where The dB’s played this here show!
Thank you, Rusty Moore, for such a great photo…
04 I Feel Good (Today)*        
05 Bad Reputation        
06 Molly Says
07 (I Thought) You Wanted to Know        
08 Judy        
09 Excitement        
10 The Fight        
11 Happenstance        
12 Black and White        
13 Amplifier        
14 Ask for Jill (brief cut repaired at 2:11)
15 Soul Kiss        
16 Dynamite        
17 Purple Hose        
18 Storm Warning        
19 In Spain        
20 Big Brown Eyes        
21 The Summer Sun        
22 Neverland        
23 pH Factor        
24 If and When        
25 Hey Baby (Alex Chilton cover – see comment below)        
26 Let's Live for Today

*Tracks 3 & 4 converted to mono to reduce crowd chatter near the taper; all other tracks in stereo

The dB’s:
Gene Holder – bass
Chris Stamey – guitar & vocals
Peter Holsapple – guitar, vocals & keyboards
Will Rigby – drums & vocals



ABOUT TRACK 25, ‘HEY BABY’:  Zach noticed when The dB’s played this song at CBGB, NYC on March 21, 1979, it had the very same tune as Alex Chilton’s song “Like Flies On Sherbert” — yet with different lyrics. [SEE THIS BLOG POST.] Since it also shows up in this show as an encore, I decided to investigate. Turns out there’s a good reason this sounds like the Alex Chilton tune. Chris Stamey explains: “These were the original lyrics, before he rewrote it as ‘Sherbert.’ It was about Lux Interior (lead singer of the Cramps), at least to some degree. When I was a sideman for Chilton in NYC, I played it regularly with him, or as regularly as we played most things anyway, near the end of the band. Ronnie Spector sang this with me and Fran Kowalski after Alex died, at City Winery in NYC for this ‘Channeling Chilton’ event.” Thanks, Chris, for solving the mystery for us (with a special shout out to your amazing memory for detail). I suppose I shoulda known this already, since there’s THIS 1977 LX CHILTON SHOW at the blog that includes Alex singing a shambolic version of the song...



  1. I can't wait to hear this (downloading as I type). I doubt that there are two huge dB's fans by the initials of "TC"... so I salute you for being able to receive/share some of his treasures (a difficult task back in the day). For that I'd say from my guess... that someone deserves a "Pat" on the back!

    Thanks again!

    1. Hiya Warren - I don't know "TC" personally, but he's the taper for this show (and probably a few others here at the blog).

      However, dB's Fan once again is the one who really should (as you you say) get the biggest PAT on the back for providing a low-generation copy of the tape!



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