Friday, January 24

Tommy Keene - House Concert, Madison, WI 2014 (great!)

Kiki's House of Righteous Music 
Madison, WI
July 3, 2014

audience recording (sound quality: VG+; great capture by Mark Albers — it sounds like you're right there)

SAMPLE: "Highwire Days" (live 2014)

All these fab photos are by the amazing Chris Sikich
(except black & white shot above by Goro Memo)
01 Going Out Again 
02 The Puppet
03 Deep Six Saturday 
04 Behind the Parade
05 Good Thing Going
06 Compromise 
07 Black & White New York
08 My Mother Looked Like Marilyn Monroe
09 Underworld
10 When Our Vows Break
11 Back to Zero Now
12 Long Time Missing
13 Places That Are Gone
14 Astronomy
15 This Could Be Fiction 
16 Love Is a Dangerous Thing
     (with It's Not True)
17 Kill Your Sons
     (with Street Fighting Man) 
18 Highwire Days
19 Turning On Blue
20 Out of My Mind*
21 Astronomy - Laugh In the Dark*
22 Last of the Twilight Girls*

     *20-22 are from same venue, but different show 
     played Sept. 8, 2015

TK - vocals, guitar
Steve Gerlach - guitar
Brad Quinn - bass, vocals
John Richardson - drums

TK at Record Store Day 2017 in Philly
ROB SEZ: Damn! I still really miss Tommy Keene and the thought of sharing the same planet with him. I never met the guy, and never got the chance to hear him play in person. But what a blazingly talented songwriter and guitar player he was. And those who knew him say he was a genuinely kind human being. Tommy never failed to move me with his incredible playing and heart-in-his-gut singing. I was feeling all this (again) the other day, when I thought: "What if I could find a great live recording to bring TK a little closer?" Lo and behold, I found this gem: recorded by Mark Albers at a house concert Tommy played in Wisconsin in 2014. The small venue, the acoustics, the audience vibe and TK's magic all come together to make for a great show. Everyone in attendance must've thought so too, because Kiki had him back the following year — thus, the 2015 bonus tracks. Check the sample, and I bet you'll be downloading it shortly thereafter. A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Chris Sikich for permission to use his fab photos of Tommy Keene. Chris has photographed lots of the artists we love at this blog, so go check out his web site & Flickr feed for more.
(source was lossy, so no FLAC share this time)


  1. My wife and I were at all the shows he did at Kiki's and they were all incredible. One of the nicest person you could meet; in fact his last show at Kiki's was shared with Ivan Julian, who TK had helped with his medical problems. The world is definitely emptier without him.

    1. Thank you for your comment, rory. Any TK fan is automatically a friend of mine. Take care.

  2. Wow, thank you for this. I was hoping to go to this show or the next day in Port Washington.
    But it didn't happen and I've been regretting it ever since.
    I was lucky enough to see him open for Lloyd Cole and the Commotions at Park West in Chicago, Cubby Bear a few years later. I also saw him as Robert Pollard's guitarist once. Never got to meet him, but I always loved his music.
    Here's one of my faves of his. Kind of unknown, but so good.

    1. Hey - thanks for chiming in, e6gMan. I'm jealous you got to see & hear him live!

  3. Thanks for the show. Just wanted to clarify, this entry says July 3, but the files are labeled July 4.

    1. Good catch, Rob. The post is correct & the file tags are not. July 3rd it is.


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