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Alex Chilton - One Weekend in 1986 (rare!)

Alex Chilton Trio 
New York, N.Y.
April 4, 1986
audience recording (sound quality: VG+; McKenzie source)

SAMPLE: "Tee Ni Nee Ni Nu" (live 1986)

01 stage entrance, mix adjustment
02 Sick and Tired
03 No Sex
04 Bangkok
05 In the Street
06 Honkin' Down 
     the Highway 
07 Ubangi Stomp
08 Tee Ni Nee Ni Nu
09 B-A-B-Y
10 Rock Hard
11 Gavotte
12 Nobody's Fool
13 Let Me Get Close to You
14 Underclass
15 Lost My Job
16 tuning, band intros
17 Shake It
18 audience, return to stage
19 When My Baby's Beside Me
20 No More the Moon Shines on Lorena

Alex with Ron Easley (left) on bass at Maxwell's
photo courtesy of Jeff C. @ the fab Shake Some Action!
ROB SEZ: Here's another set of rare Alex Chilton recordings for your listening pleasure, courtesy of Tom at The McKenzie Tapes (an amazing treasure trove of live recordings from the mid-1980s and early 1990s, in & around NYC.). Imagine you were in the NYC area 34 years ago and went to hear Alex Chilton one night, and after crossing the river, heard him again the next night. To my knowledge, this is the first online sharing of these shows in lossless quality. Jeff at Shake Some Action! noted this recording could be from the late John R., a McKenzie Tapes contributor.

Hoboken, N.J. 
April 5, 1986
audience recording (sound quality: VG; McKenzie source)

01 stage entrance, tuning
02 Margie (Eddie Cantor)
03 I’m Gonna Make You Mine (Lou Christie)  
04 Boogie Shoes (KC & The Sunshine Band)
05 B-A-B-Y (Carla Thomas)
06 Thank You John (Willie Tee)
07 Sick and Tired (Chris Kenner)
08 September Gurls
09 Shake It
10 Tina the Go-Go Queen (Sir Mack Rice)
11 Stuff
12 Honkin’ Down the Highway (Beach Boys)
13 Save Your Love for Me (Buddy Johnson)
14 Youngblood (The Coasters)
15 Battle of Earl K Long (Ernie Barton)
16 The Letter (Box Tops)
17 Fields of Clover (Box Tops)
18 Nobody’s Fool (Dan Penn)
19 Past, Present, and Future (Shangri-Las)
20 No Sex
21 Te Ni Nee Ni Nu (Slim Harpo)

22 Lonely Weekends (Charlie Rich)
23 Solar System (Beach Boys)
24 The World We Knew 1st attempt 
(Frank Sinatra) 
25 The World We Knew 2nd attempt
26 Underclass
27 return to stage, tuning, banter
28 Bangkok

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  1. Thanks again for handling, Rob. Really appreciate it.

  2. Rob-in, given the notations, do we think 'Shake It' is an original?

    1. Your guess is prob'ly BETTER than mine on that score. Otherwise, whad'ya guess: Jelly Roll Morton? Terence Boylan? or ...?


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