Friday, October 11

Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey - Philadelphia 1991 (sbd)

Chestnut Cabaret 
Philadelphia, PA
June 18, 1991

soundboard recording (quality: Ex; clone of DAT master; stunning sound quality)
SAMPLE: "I Know You Will" (Philadelphia 1991)

00 intro, stage entrance
photos from the Mavericks CD booklet
01 Lord of the Manor
02 Geometry / Here Without You
03 Haven't Got the Right 
     (to Treat Me Wrong) 
04 Storm Warning
05 I Know You Will
06 Lovers' Rock
07 She Was the One
08 The Company of Light
09 Taken
10 A Part of Me
11 Angels
12 I Want to Break Your Heart
13 The Child In You (jump cut @ 0:04)
14 encore break 1
15 Do You Believe In Magic?
16 From the Word Go
17 encore break 2
18 Today Could Be the Day
ROB SEZ: No, dear fans: I haven't been holding out on you. This one just turned up, so I'm sharing with you now: a stunning digital soundboard recording of a great performance. It's Peter and Chris touring behind Mavericks, with an ace band including musicians who played on the studio recordings. What's not to like? Nothing. Huge thanks to the taper and to julsay for sharing.
Peter Holsapple: vocals & acoustic guitar
Chris Stamey: vocals & acoustic guitar
Dave Schramm: electric guitar & lap steel
Alan Bezozi: drums
Ilene Markell: bass

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