Friday, October 4

Pernice Brothers - Leicester, UK 2003

Summer Sundae
De Montfort Hall
Leicester, UK
Aug. 10, 2003
soundboard recording (via web stream: quality VG+)
PERNICE BROTHERS (and sister?) — Live in 2001
photo by Rico Ramirez
01 Water Ban
02 Working Girls
03 The Ballad of Bjorn Borg
04 Crestfallen
05 Waiting for the Universe
06 Monkey Suit
07 Sometimes I Remember
08 Talk of the Town
      (Pretenders cover) 
09 7:30
10 BBC outro

presumptive lineup
• Joe Pernice (safe bet!)
• Tom Monahan
• Peyton Pinkerton

JOE PERNICE - wailing away
ROB SEZ: With uncanny synchronicity, this recording showed up a few months ago, just in time to remind me that Joe P. was releasing a new Pernice Brothers album soon — and now it's here. Pernice gets help on Spread the Feeling from Neko Case, Ric Menck, and Pete Yorn, among othersHUGE THANKS to auto_pilot for sharing and to the BBC for rebroadcasting this in July. (The FLAC version is a lossless capture of a high-quality lossy source.) It's the complete broadcast, but probably not the full show as heard by the lucky SOBs who were there.
Pernice Brothers' fab new album Spread the Feeling — out now

Learn more about Pernice Brothers' music at WikipediaAllMusic and the band's web site.


  1. Thanks for this. You certainly don't see many Pernice Brothers shows online!

    1. Agreed -- they are too rare! I like to post stuff that I would enjoy as a fan. Cheers, Brett

  2. Thanks for this - just bought the new record and have tix to see them in a week or so in western MA. Can't seem to DL - any suggestions? Thanks

    1. You're welcome. DL suggestion: if you do not have a Dropbox account, you should see a "Download" button at the top of the page on the right side. If you ARE a registered Dropbox user, you might have to click either "more" or a space with 3 dots in a row, which will then give you Download as an option.

  3. Interesting...I have a version of this show (in mp3) that's missing Crestfallen, Monkey Suit and 7.30, but contains One Foot In The Grave and Weakest Shade Of Blue. Different selections broadcast on different shows?

    1. Interesting! If you'd be willing to share the "extra" tracks you have, use the email address at the very bottom of the blog page and I'll amend the post. Cheers, billy


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