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Nicole Atkins - Radio Sessions 2017 + 2018

WFUV Live Session
Electric Lady Studios 
New York, N.Y.
Sept. 6, 2017

webstream (sound quality: Ex-; extraordinary sound for a webstream source)

SAMPLE: "Brokedown Luck" (live NYC 2017)

01 A Little Crazy
02 Darkness Falls So Quiet
03 Brokedown Luck
04 Colors
05 A Night of Serious Drinking 
06 Goodnight Rhonda Lee
07 Listen Up
08 thanks + intro last song
09 A Dream Without Pain
10 N.A. interview with 
      WFUV DJ Carmel Holt

WFMU Live Session
Jersey City, N.J.
January 2018 

(broadcast Feb. 2, 2018)

webstream (sound 
quality: VG+) 

01 Darkness Falls So Quiet
02 Goodnight Rhonda Lee
03 A Little Crazy
04 A Night of Serious Drinking
05 A Dream Without Pain
06 N.A. interview with 
      Sheila B of WFMU

ROB SEZ: Last Friday's post didn't do justice to this extraordinary artist. Pardon me for the caps lock, but YOU JUST HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE SAMPLE RIGHT NOW ... if not sooner. Go ahead; I'll wait. [...this is me, waiting...] OK, see what I mean? NICOLE ATKINS DESERVES TO BE A STAR. Her latest album, Goodnight Rhonda Lee is already a classic in my book (AllMusic's rating = 4 & 1/2 stars). I'm challenging all open-minded music fans to go stream it right now. I promise you'll thank me. So what's her sound? Take some Chris Isaac, Roy Orbison, Peggy

Fab photos of Nicole Atkins courtesy of WFUV, NYC
Lee, Nancy Sinatra, Patsy Cline and throw it in a blender. Add judicious quantities of the Muscle Shoals R & B sound, classic country and some rock, pour it over ice, and you have a musical cocktail that tastes amazing and will knock you out in the best possible way. Haven't heard a rant from me like this in a while, have you?!? There's a reason for that: no one's knocked my socks off like Nicole Atkins in a very long time. MEGA THANKS to WFUV & WFMU for sharing the good stuff. Enjoy photos and video from the WFUV live session here.
MP3@320 (interviews = 224kbps)
Learn more about Nicole Atkins' music at her 


  1. No, I DON’T think it’s possible to have too many Nicole Atkins radio sessions.

    Nicole Atkins
    KUTX live session
    Austin, TX
    Nov. 20, 2017

    soundboard recording (sound quality: VG++)

    01 Darkness Falls So Quiet
    02 A Dream Without Pain
    03 Goodnight Rhonda Lee
    04 Nicole Atkins - Interview KUTX Radio, Austin, TX 2017


  2. Her latest album is great! Love "Goodnight Rhonda Lee"....


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