Friday, April 27

Mipso - Live 2017 in VA & WVa

Rooster Walk 9
Martinsville, VA 
May 27, 2017

soundboard-audience matrix
(sound quality: VG+ to VG++)

SAMPLE: "Hurt So Good" (Mtn. Stage live 2017)

01 Do You Want Me?
02 Marianne
03 Hurt So Good
04 Down In the Water
05 Spin Me Round
06 Coming Down the Mountain 
07 Hallelujah
08 Everyone Knows
09 Monterey County
10 Cry Like Somebody
11 Great Atomic Power
12 A Couple Acres Greener
13 Talking In My Sleep
14 Louise
15 Dublin Blues
16 My Burden With Me
17 Nothing Like a Hundred Miles
18 Train Down the Line
19 Bad Penny
20 Water Runs Red

Mountain Stage
Cultural Center Theater
Charleston, WV
May 7, 2017 (broadcast June 13, 2017)

FM capture (sound quality VG++)

01 intro
02 Coming Down the Mountain 
03 Hurt So Good
04 Spin Me Round
05 Monterey County
06 Water Runs Red
07 outro

ROB SEZ: Mipso is a young, talented band from Chapel Hill, N.C. The group blends acoustic, bluegrass, and old time styles to create something fresh. Check the sample to decide if it might be up your alley. Big thanks to DG for taping, matrixing & sharing the Martinsville show, and to tom for taping and sharing the Mountain Stage set.

Edges Run - latest long-player from Mipso

FLAC (Martinsville, VA gig in 24-bit)


Learn more about Mipso's music at 
the band's official siteFB page and Twitter

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