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Soft Boys - London, UK 1994 (sbd)

The Astoria
London, UK
January 13, 1994

soundboard recording (quality Ex-; transfer from 'Where Are the Prawns?', fanclub-issued chrome tape)

SAMPLE: "Kingdom of Love" (live in London 1994)

01 Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole
02 The Face of Death
03 The Queen of Eyes
04 The Pigworker
05 Underwater Moonlight
06 Old Pervert
07 Hear My Brane
08 Where Are the Prawns?
09 Insanely Jealous
10 Kingdom of Love
11 band intros
12 Give It to the Soft Boys
Robyn H. & Kimberley R. of the Soft Boys
cool photos by Chris Boland from a 2006 live show
more at
13 Only the Stones Remain
14 Zipper In My Spine
15 I Wanna Destroy You

ROB SEZ: I invested heart & soul in my first Soft Boys post — even tucking away a hidden bonus set. Response? Zip, zilch, nada. What's a blogger to do?  Re-double his efforts, naturallySOFT BOYS POSTS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL MORALE (and blog reader participation) IMPROVES AROUND HERE!! 
My best guess: this amazing set comes from the mysterious & very generous Dr. Forrester, who has shared a heap o’ Soft Boys & Robyn Hitchcock goodies through the years at his excellent Just Add Cones blog

Tape insert for this fanclub-only release

The Soft Boys:
Robyn Hitchcock - vocal, guitar
Andy Metcalfe - bass, vocals
Matthew Seligman - bass
Morris Windsor - drums, backing vocal
Sean Lyons - guitar, vocals
Jim Melton - percussion, harmonica, vocals

Learn more about the Soft Boys' music at 
Trouser Press and AllMusic


  1. LET'S HEAR IT FOR WFMU, arguably the coolest radio station on the planet!

    The Soft Boys
    WFMU - East Orange, N.J.
    Brian Turner's Show on
    Oct. 29, 2002

    FM recording (sound quality VG+)

    01. I Love Lucy (03:05)
    02. Pulse of My Heart (04:07)
    03. Mr. Kennedy (06:15)
    04. Unprotected Love (03:34)
    05. My Mind is Connected (04:02)
    06. Each of Her Silver Wands (01:58)
    07. Narcissus (04:29)
    08. Hear My Brane (04:05)
    09. (chat) (00:10)
    10. The Man With the Lightbulb Head (03:23)
    11. Queen of Eyes (02:39)
    12. When I Was a Kid (06:19)
    13. If You Know Time (03:21)

    Robyn Hitchcock: Vocal, guitar
Kimberley Rew: Guitar, backing vocal

    Matthew Seligman: Bass
Morris Windsor: Drums, backing vocal

  2. Thank you very, very much, for both posts. Much appreciated.


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