Friday, November 25

Midnight Oil - Acoustically Live 1993

Beach Studios
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Aug. 10, 1993

FM recording (sound quality: Ex-; quite nearly perfect sound)

SAMPLE: "Sell My Soul" (live in Calgary '93)

TT: 52 mins.

Ronnie Scott's
London, UK
June 23, 1993

FM capture (sound quality: VG++)

TT: 52 mins.

ROB SEZ: OK, this is not particularly rare stuff. But I just HAD to post a musical response to the God-awful news that a con artist apparently will occupy the highest elected office in America starting soon — even though he lost the popular vote by 2+ million. (I hate just putting it in writing...) As for Midnight Oil, I always felt Peter Garrett & Co. had the goods in terms of musical chops, songwriting, and right-on political commentary. But when you added intense, amped-up rock music, it was all just a bit too much for me. So I stopped listening some time in the 1990s. Keep the great songs & performance but take away some of the wattage, and the result is a perfect soundtrack for the times. Here's a little post-election sing along: "America's great / If you don't talk back / I don't want to sell my soul to HIM." (News flash: Midnight Oil is re-forming, at least for live shows starting in early 2017. More HERE.) Many thanks to the Soundaboard blog for the Calgary set & whomever shared the London set.

Wanna hear more Midnight Oil unplugged?
Try this 2000 release with mostly acoustic performances from 1993-'94
(not to mention the bonus set I've hidden in plain sight)

Learn more about Midnight Oil's music at the band's own site, Wikipedia & this fan site


  1. Can't have too much Oils unplugged, right?

    Midnight Oil
    More Unplugged 1993-1994

    MTV Unplugged Rehearsals, Much Music show, etc.
    various sources (mostly soundboard & some audio rips from video)

    sound quality range: VG to VG+

    01 Tell Me the Truth (M-T-V Unplugged Rehearsal 1993)
    02 Lucky Country (M-T-V Unplugged Rehearsal 1993)
    03 Now Or Neverland (M-T-V Unplugged Rehearsal 1993)
    04 Earth and Sun and Moon (M-T-V Unplugged Rehearsal 1993)
    05 Antarctica (M-T-V Unplugged Rehearsal 1993)
    06 In the Valley (Live on Later 1993)
    07 The Dead Heart (acoustic 1993 or '94)
    08 My Country (Much Music 1993)
    09 Sell My Soul (Much Music 1993)
    10 Truganini (Much Music 1993)
    11 Short Memory (Much Music 1993)
    12 Blue Sky Mine (Much Music 1993)
    13 In the Valley (Much Music 1993)
    14 Warakurna (Much Music 1993)
    15 The Dead Heart (Much Music 1993)
    16 Now Or Never Land (Much Music 1993)
    17 The Dead Heart (Hultsfred, Sweden 1994)
    + mystery bonus track


  2. Great stuff. Thanks! Really hoping to see them live in the coming year.

    1. Agreed! I'm hoping for some U.S. concert dates in 2017...


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