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Psychedlic Furs - Roslyn, NY 1981 & 1982

My Father's Place
Roslyn, N.Y.
WLIR-FM broadcast 
July 4, 1981

FM capture (sound quality VG+; 
probably 2nd-generation tape source)

01 Into You Like a Train
02 Soap Commercial
03 She Is Mine
04 Mr. Jones
05 So Run Down
06 Dumb Waiters*
07 Pretty in Pink
08 It Goes On
09 Sister Europe
10 Imitation of Christ
11 All of This and Nothing
12 India
13 Pulse
14 We Love You

*In track 06, there's a brief tape glitch at 0:33

TT: 55 mins.

Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs: all photos (except first) are from 
a live show in Leicester, UK in 1982 — by thomasoldfield via Flickr
Psychedelic Furs:
Richard Butler - vocals  
Tim Butler - bass 
Duncan Kilburn - sax 
Vince Ely - drums
Roger Morris - guitars
John Ashton - guitars

This recording is is LDB Vintage Series #044; MEGA THANKS to the taper & metro cubo for sharing!

My Father's Place
Roslyn, N.Y.
WLIR-FM broadcast 
October 24, 1982

FM capture (sound quality VG++; master tape source from re-broadcast)

01 President Gas
02 Merry-Go-Round
03 Angels (Only You & I)
04 No Easy Street
05 Run and Run
06 Love My Way
07 Danger
08 Goodbye
09 Pretty In Pink
10 Sister Europe
11 Sleep Comes Down*
12 Into You Like a Train
13 Forever Now 
14 India

*In track 11, there's a quick fade in & out at 1:19 due to the tape flip

TT: 66 mins.

Psychedelic Furs:
Richard Butler - vocals
John Ashton - guitar
Gary Windo - sax
Tim Butler - bass
Vince Ely - drums

This was the Psychedelic Furs’ first tour after Duncan Kilburn & Roger Morris left the band. The group was touring behind their third album, Forever Now.

The Stonecutter Collection, Vol. 110; SINCERE THANKS to the taper & sharer. 

Learn more about the music of Psychedelic Furs at the band's official site, FB page and Wikipedia. The band will tour the U.S. in July & August 2016...

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  1. You need this one, too, don’t you??

    The Psychedelic Furs
    Interchords interview LP

    Richard Butler interviewed around the time of the Talk Talk Talk album.

    01. interview segment 1
    02. Pretty in Pink
    03. interview segment 2
    04. India
    05. interview segment 3
    06. Sister Europe
    07. interview segment 4
    08. Into You Like a Train
    09. interview segment 5
    10. Mr. Jones
    11. interview segment 6
    12. She Is Mine

    BIG THANKS to spavid at Wilfully Obscure for sharing this one!



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