Tuesday, June 21

20/20 – Early Demos + Live @ Madame Wong’s ’78

home demos
various dates & locations

home recordings (sound quality range GD+ to VG+; sound quality varies due to variations across six sets of recordings)

01 Giving It All Away (demo)
02 Brainwashed (demo)
03 Going Up With My Girl (demo)
04 Backyard Guys (demo)
05 I Am a Picture (demo)
06 Leaving Your World Behind 
07 I Fall Out (demo)
08 Let's Go (demo)
09 Out of This Time (demo)
10 World of Fools (demo)
11 I Need Somebody (demo)
12 Drive (demo)
13 Screaming (demo)
14 She's an Obsession (demo)
15 Don't Stop Me Now (demo)
16 That Girl Was Yesterday (demo) 
17 This Time (demo)
18 Hold My Head (demo)
19 TV Girls (demo)
20 Yellow Pills (demo)
21 Cheri (demo)
22 Remember the Lightning (demo)
23 Remember the Lightning (demo 2)
24 Jet Lag (demo)
25 Jet Lag (demo 2)
26 Action Now (demo)
27 Tonight We Fly (demo) 
28 Tell Me Why (demo)
29 Let's Go (demo 2)
30 Backyard Guys (demo 2)
31 Out of This Time (demo 2)
32 TV Girls (demo 2)

Madame Wong’s
Los Angeles, CA

audience recording (sound quality VG-; not exactly “great”, but certainly not bad for 1978; some distortion in the vocals, but overall this is very listenable)

01 I Need Somebody
02 Backyard Guys
03 Remember the Lightning 
04 This Time
05 Out of the Time
06 Going Up With My Girl
07 Brainwashed
08 Giving It All
20/20 - the original trio
09 Saturday's Child*
10 Slow Down*
11 Anytime at All*

Steve Allen - guitar, vocals
Ron Flynt - bass, vocals
Mike Gallo - drums

*Phil Seymour joins the band for encore songs 

This is 20/20's complete set. The exact date might be Nov. 5, 1978, a show at which 20/20 shared the bill with The Last. The original sharer said: “Band as three-piece before being signed to Portrait Records. This is when the band was an unfiltered, terrific unit.”

MEGA THANKS to h1w1p & PowerPopTart for sharing.

ASH Tuesday post #43.


  1. I've heard some of these in fair quality, but the music itself is top notch. Look forward to hearing some of the unheard ones here. I don't know about you, but their first and third full length, I liked better than than their "Look Out." Great posting and Thanks!

    1. I should give those albums another listen. Not a true fan, but I still enjoy some of their tunes...

  2. I love all 5 of their albums, but personally, Look Out was their best.


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