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Kirsty MacColl - TV Performances 2000 +

TV Performances in Stereo 
1992 - 2000
Soundboard-sourced audio rips (sound quality: Ex-) 

SAMPLE: "In These Shoes?" (Live - Glasgow, 2000)

"The Boxed Set", Scottish Television Studio, Glasgow, Scotland March 14, 2000
01 intro
02 In These Shoes?
03 England 2 Colombia 0
04 Kirsty talks 
05 Walking Down Madison  
06 Celestine
07 Kirsty talks 
08 Us Amazonians 
09 Wrong Again 
10 Head 
11 Here Comes That Man Again 
12 My Affair 
13 Kirsty talks 
14 A New England
Later with Jools Holland November 9, 1992 
15 Soho Square
16 Angel
Later with Jools Holland April 15, 2000
17 In These Shoes?
18 interview (with snippet of “Chip Shop”)
19 England 2 Colombia 0

ROB SEZ: In the "Adele Age", it's sad to think of someone with similar vocal chops and superior songwriting skills being overlooked by so many. Kirsty recorded several splendid albums, married record producer Steve Lillywhite, and gave birth to two sons before her tragic death in a diving/boating accident in December 2000. Past time, methinks, to recognize a colossal talent.

MASSIVE THANKS to Wolfsbane for sharing both of these sets. The collector and poster of the first set says: “Everything here is true, beautiful stereo and a great listen.”

Mountain Stage
Charleston, West Virginia
January 22, 1995

FM stereo broadcast (sound quality: VG+) 

01 introduction
02 Fifteen Minutes
03 They Don't Know
04 Caroline
05 Miss Otis Regrets
06 Still Life
07 Free World
08 Roll 'em Easy
09 My Affair


This lovely photo is by Rita Carmo. Drawing below is by Gary Bedard.

Musicians for 2000 live performances:
Kirsty MacColl - vocals
Pete Glenister - guitars
Chucho Merch·n - bass
Bob Knight - drums
Michelle Drees - percussion 
Ben Storey - trumpet
Joe de Jes's - trombone
James Knight - saxophone

Learn more about the music of Kirsty MacColl at AllMusic, Wikipedia 


  1. Thanks for posting this wonderful collection. Big fan of Kirsty and miss her more as years pass. Here's a companion set from Glastonbury 92 thanks to BBC 6 music. Listen for the next 29 days.

    1. Another Kirsty fan! Thanks for the link, blureu. Perhaps that set will show up here later, especially if 1 or 2 others LEAVE A COMMENT (hint)...

  2. I would really like to hear that Glastonbury 92 set thanks.


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