Tuesday, November 17

Pillbugs - Unreleased Rarities

Demos, Outtakes & Alts.
Posted at the Pillbugs' old web site
Collected by Mick
various dates, venues, sources
sound quality range: VG to Ex-
BIG, SLOPPY THANKS to Mick at the old ASH blog

ROB SEZ: Say you don't know the Pillbugs & their music? Well, here's your big chance.

ASH Tuesday post #21.
Learn more about the music of the Pillbugs at Wikipedia, the band's FB page and be sure to cruise over to Bandcamp to check out their actual music!



  1. also check out the pillbugs dedecated blog

    and they are currently working on a new album

  2. Indeed! And that guy who maintains the Pillbugs' blog sure is clever...



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