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Lovetones & Matt Tow - Live & Rare

The Lovetones & Matthew J. Tow
Live & Rare
(various dates, venues, sources)
The Lovetones & Matthew J. Tow: righteous combo
ROB SEZ: After the recent ASH Tuesday post featuring The Lovetones, I realized I wasn't done with these guys — they're just too good (including frontman Matt Tow). Herein is everything I could find that's worth a listen. The last 7 are a Matt Tow + band opening set, recorded when he was touring his Americana-esque solo album, The Way of Things.

sound quality range: VG to Ex (from a variety of sources, including soundboard, FM & audience recordings)

01 This Is Why You Love Me
02 Be What You Want (demo)
03 What Am I To Do (Coda Mix)
04 Fair Weather (Echo Mix)
05 As Good As It Gets
06 Shipbuilding (EC cover)
07 Inside a Dream (live acoustic)
08 Journeyman (live acoustic)
09 A New Low (live acoustic)
10 City Meets the Stars (live)
11 Hurricane (live in studio)
12 Wintertime In Hollywood
      (live on 'irock') 
13 Mantra (live 2009)
14 Crazy Ramblin' Broken Heart (live)
15 Worlds Collide (live)
16 Seven Days (live)
17 Sail Tonight (live)
18 When I Get to Sydney (live)
19 It's Gonna Be Alright (live)
20 I Love My Brother (live)

01 – 06 = rare non-album B-sides & remixes (06 = Elvis Costello cover)
07 – 09 = Matthew J. Tow acoustic session, 'Sideways Through Sound' radio show, 2SER 107.3 Sydney, AUS (thank you, Mark Ward)
10 = 'Beyond Beyond is Beyond', CMJ 2010
11 = Live in studio, undated
12 = Australian Broadcasting Company's "irock" show (undated)
13 = Redwood Bar & Grill, Los Angeles, CA 2009-05-15 (aud)
14 – 20 = Matthew J. Tow & band opening set, The Void, San Diego, CA Feb. 2013 (aud) [thank you, Jax369]

The Lovetones reunited for a live show in Sydney in the summer of 2015.

Learn more about the music of The Lovetones at Wikipedia, the band's FB page, and/or AllMusic.

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