Tuesday, October 6

Strawbs - Seventies Demos + Live '71

Dave Cousins
Strawbs Demos

soundboard recordings (sound quality VG+)

ROB SEZ: A bit of a curve ball for my regular blog readers. I confess to being not much more than lukewarm about the Strawbs as a rule. But this is early, mostly acoustic, rather charming Strawbs music. And in his early days, Dave Cousins did have a way with a folky melody. My thanks to the usual suspects: Don at the old ASH blog for the first set, and some anonymous soul for the live show. You know who you are, so consider yourself thanked!

The Strawbs
Paris Theatre
London, UK
August 5, 1971

FM recording (sound quality VG to VG+)

This is ASH Tuesday post #15.


  1. Thanks. This is a real curveball. They were referred to back in the '70s as the "Poor Man's Moody Blues"!

    1. It's a curve ball, but I'm hoping a few of you take a swing at it anyway!



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