Friday, October 30

Blue Nile - July '90 double shot

Park West
Chicago, IL
July 28, 1990
audience recording (sound quality VG+; an exceptional audience recording)

ROB SEZ: My regular followers know I have a soft spot for quality pop bands from overseas. And I have a special fondness for Scotland's Blue Nile, who make hushed, heart-felt pop of a high order. If you don't know the Blue Nile, this double shot from the band's 1990 tour of the U.S. wouldn't be a bad introduction.

HEAP O' THANKS to the tapers and sharers

SETLIST for both shows:

01 stage entrance
02 A Walk Across the Rooftops 
03 Tinseltown In the Rain
04 Heatwave
05 Over the Hillside
06 Stay
07 Easter Parade
08 The Downtown Lights
09 Saturday Night
10 Headlights On the Parade
11 Seven AM
12 Let's Go Out Tonight
The Bottom Line
New York, NY
July 23, 1990
soundboard recording (quality VG+)

(setlist same as above)

The Blue Nile
Paul Buchanan - vocals, guitars
P.J. Moore - keyboards, electronics
Robert Bell - bass
Nigel Thomas - drums
Larry Saltzman - guitars, keyboards 
Steve Gaboury - keyboards


Learn more about the music of the Blue Nile at Wikipedia and the band's FB page


  1. Not quite the DB's but the Blue Nile were incredible; thanks

  2. The.....Blue.....Nile.... - "not quite the DB's....."

    I'll say they aren't. Mind blown. Thanks for that.

  3. This is the only live show I've ever come across for them. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Thanks - think I might have a recording of their Manchester show from the same tour stored somewhere. Great band.

    1. Indeed. Have you read the bio of the band? Well-written, but rather heart-breaking re: their dissolution...

  5. Thanks for posting the Chicago show - I was the guy who taped the show. It's still a top 10 show for me and my wife after all these years... Amazing band and the looks on their faces as the played was magical. I think they were in disbelief that there would be people in the states interested. I still remember the feet tapping to the songs as they went. Dan T

    1. Good to hear from you, Dan. That's a lovely recording you made of a beautiful show. Great story about being there...

  6. Just downloading the Blue Nile show, thanks for sharing. I've got another couple of bits and pieces if youre interested get back to me

    1. Hiya Richard - I have lots of Blue Nile rarities, but am curious as to what your bits & pieces might be. I could not figure out a way to get in touch with you privately, so please feel free to email me: rdfield AT rocketmail DOT com.

  7. Rob-in-Brevard.
    I love The Blue Nile. Can you message me to tell me what rarities you have.
    Many thanks. Joe

  8. Hello Joe. As you might've guessed, I love the Blue Nile also.

    Will email you in a bit...

  9. Richard McGhie: Please, please!! If you have those "bits and pieces", by the love of god!, Share them!!.

  10. Hi Rob,
    Is this show still available to download?
    Thanks, Dave

    1. Dave - Yes, click on the link marked MP3@320 and it will take you to Dropbox. Highlight the title of the file, then select download. Should receive a zipped file a minute or 2 later...

  11. I believe i was at this show. If its the same show the singer says something near the beginning along the lines that they 'didnt think anyone would be here'. Capacity crowd in a beautiful theater, not concert seating. Great show. Amazing band.

    1. Pretty sure that was the only Chicago performance by The Blue Nile -- ever. So if you saw the band in Chicago, it must've been this show! But if you mean the NYC gig, I can't swear it was the band's only NYC performance...


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