Friday, May 29

Del McCoury Band - 'Del Sings Woody' live 2014

Flynn Theatre
Burlington, Vermont
Nov. 2, 2014

audience recording (sound quality: VG++ to Ex-; a beautiful recording that was mastered in a pro recording studio)

EXTRA THANKS to Casey C for recording the show & Bill K for professionally mastering the tracks

ROB SEZ: "And now, for something completely different..." I admit this is pretty far out of the musical categories we usually deal with here at the Repercussion Blog. But it's such a cool show that I couldn't help myself. Del  McCoury, a true living bluegrass legend, sings previously unheard lyrics by Woody Guthrie, with tunes composed by Del (see more info below). Add to that the sweet sound quality, and you've got something for the more adventurous among you to enjoy. (What's it going to cost you, anyway? Just a few clicks and a little bit of hard disc space...)

SAMPLE: "Wimmen's Hats" (Vermont 2014)

01 Del's introduction
02 New York Trains
03 Cheap Mike
04 Walking the Lady I Love
05 Left In This World All Alone
06 California Gold
07 Because You Took Me In 
     Out of the Rain
08 Government Roads
09 Dirty Overalls
10 Family Reunion
11 Woman's Hats
12 Little Fellow
13 Whole Cake Fritters

Del takes requests for his material
14 Big Blue Raindrops
15 Black Cat 
     County Chains
16 instrumental
17 I'm the Bluest 
     Man In Town
18 The Lime House Blues
19 The Kentucky Waltz
20 Wheel Hoss
21 Evangelina
22 1952 Vincent 
     Black Lightning
23 All Aboard
24 callback

25 It's Just the Night
26 White House Blues


Del  McCoury - guitar, vocals
Ronnie  McCoury - mandolin
Rob McCoury - banjo
Jason Carter - fiddle
Alan Bartram - acoustic bass
From Del  McCoury's website:

The Del  McCoury  Band’s new project, “Del & Woody”, features unheard and unsung words of Guthrie set to music by Del himself. To help bring new life to the work of American folk poet Woody Guthrie, his daughter, Nora Guthrie, gave Del  McCoury exclusive access to the archives of her father’s unpublished work. Now, with the support of Woody Guthrie’s family, The Del  McCoury  Band will perform an evening of never-before-heard lyrics written by the “Dust Bowl Troubadour” set to new music by Del  McCoury and including a multi-media presentation featuring Guthrie’s original words, drawings and other materials from the archives that inspired this performance. In addition, McCoury, will perform his trademark Bluegrass standards and favorites.

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    Here's Del McCoury singing Woody's "So Long, It's Been Good to Know You", live in 2012 at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.