Friday, May 1

Alex Chilton - Grinnell College 1987

Grinnell College
Grinnell, Iowa
Oct. 23, 1987
unknown source — but it sounds great (= soundboard quality: Ex-)
LX Chilton: the man, the myth and (sometimes) the musical magic

MOTHER-LOVIN’ THANKS to the taper, pwig2001 & northjersey for sharing

ROB SEZ: When he's on, it's a beautiful thing. He was on this night, as you'll hear. ENJOY!

01 Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo
02 In the Street
03 Rock Hard
04 Stuff
05 B-A-B-Y
06 Make a Little Love
07 Dalai Lama
08 Goldfinger
09 I'm A Replacement  
     (brief, unfinished)
10 Bangkok
11 Thank You John
12 Lost My Job
13 Disco Lady
14 Take It Off
15 Thing for You
16 Little GTO
17 Volare
18 Money Talks
19 Rockin' Daddy

01 The Letter
02 When My Baby's 
     Beside Me
03 No Sex (end cut)
04 Come By Here
05 The Look of Love
06 Sick and Tired
07 September Gurls


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  1. Alex Chilton - Handful O’ Live Rarities

    Lies - live on Conan O’Brien, July 1995

    (Thanks to What’s for afters? for sharing)

    Live in Paris, France October 1985

    September Gurls (live)
    I’m Gonna Make You Mine (live)

    (two cuts from the mega-rare No Sex European Tour Edition double 7-inch single)


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