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The Stems - 'Last' Show in Australia (2009)

Step Inn
Brisbane, Australia
Oct. 11, 2009
(billed as the band's last-ever show in Australia)
Dom Mariani and The Stems play a 'farewell' show in Perth, Australia
photo by lunderall via Flickr
audience recording (sound quality VG+; this one earns a high rating for an audie: the house sound coming from the club’s PA, the recording quality, and the just-right rowdiness from the crowd — it's ALL good. Taper used binaural in-ear mics, so he suggests listening with earbuds or headphones for best effect…)

DEEP DEBT O’ GRATITUDE to ex_king_john (Turnitupto10 blog) for recording and sharing this show.

ROB SEZ: Didn't know anything about The Stems (or Dom Mariani or his many Aussie-based bands) until blog friends at Ash pointed me to their music. The Stems were a garage-pop band in the mid-1980s based in Perth, Australia. They didn't last long, but produced some wildly impressive music (think Flamin' Groovies meets Hoodoo Gurus, and you're in the ballpark). They reunited in 2007, but declared there would be no more Stems after a tour of Australia & Europe in 2009 & 2010. (Now, I hear they're still doing live shows — never say "never", Dom!)  REPERCUSSION: After The Stems were no more, Dom Mariani collaborated many times with Mitch Easter, who produced recordings by The Someloves, The Orange Humble Band and DM3.

Dom & The Stems, live in Spain
photos by Ricardo via Flickr
SAMPLE: "Mr. Misery" (Brisbane 2009)  

01 intro + Get to Know Me
02 Mr. Misery
03 Hellbound Train
04 band intros + Man With the 
     Golden Heart
05 Leave You Way Behind
06 The Otherside
07 Move Me
08 You Can't Turn the Clock Back
09 Undying Love
10 Make You Mine
11 For Always
12 She Sees Everything
13 Rosebud
14 Surround Me
15 Sad Girl
16 She Waved Goodbye
17 She Waved Goodbye (outro)
18 Love Is Gone
19 Sorry (Easybeats cover)
20 She's a Monster
21 At First Sight
22 outro

TT: 1 hour, 34 mins.


The Stems:
Dom Mariani - guitar, vocals
Julian Matthews - bass
Dave Shaw - drums
Richard Lane - keyboard, vocals
Learn more about the music of 
The Stems at Wikipedia 


  1. If you're a big fan of The Stems, you might want to check out the 2007 Stems show posted here at ex_king_john's earlier blog:

    Sound quality not as good as the 2009 show, but a listenable audie...

  2. The Stems have a direct relationship to this blog's central cast of characters - cf Orangle Humble Band, and The Someloves...

    1. Right you are! Thanks, WTS. Will be adding a "Repercussion" note to this one shortly...

  3. Saw their 30th Anniversary show last weekend. Played the full 1st album and more. Great show with Ash Naylor also in band. Hopefully more reunion tours!

    1. How cool! I'm envious, especially hearing that Ash N. is playing in the band...


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