Friday, November 14

Holsapple-Stamey - St. Louis, MO 2009 (sbd)

Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey
Euclid Records
St. Louis, MO
Feb. 1, 2009

soundboard recording (quality: EX-)

Shop (& play) Local: Chris & Peter at Euclid Records in 2009

SAMPLE: "Black and White (2009)"

01 Lord of the Manor
02 Early In the Morning (take 1)
03 A Part of Me
04 The Child In You
05 Nothing Is Wrong
06 Something Came Over Me
07 Black and White
08 Broken Record
09 My Friend the Sun
10 Early In the Morning (take 2)
11 Geometry (Euclid Records version) 
12 Let It Be Me (partial, from soundcheck) 

TT: 1:00:11


SINCERE THANKS to glenn s for recording and sharing.

Peter Holsapple - guitar, vocals
Chris Stamey - guitar, vocals 


Collectors' Alert:

You might just want to own a copy of this limited-edition
vinyl single with "Begin Again" on the A side and
"Geometry (Euclid Records version)" on the flip.
The artwork (and the B-side track) are unique to this release.
JUST $8.00!
Info HERE, order HERE. (Ltd. edition of 300)



  1. Hey Rob-in-B, is this an 'improved' version from one you had put up before? (Or maybe I got it somewhere else..)

    1. No; exactly the same thing. I was asked to yank this two years ago, but recently was given permission to re-post. Long-story; not very interesting...

    2. No worries, thanks for clarifying...


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