Friday, October 25

Chris & Peter - New York City 2009

City Winery
New York, NY
June 9, 2009

audience recording (sound quality VG++; nice ambient sound with some audience chatter, which doesn’t ruin the show)
Cover for the limited-edition "Begin Again" Euclid Avenue single

THANK YA KINDLY to the taper and uploader

SAMPLE: "She Was the One (City Winery 2009)"

01 Here and Now
02 Early In the Morning
03 Santa Monica
04 Nothing Is Wrong
05 Widescreen World
06 Broken Record
07 My Friend the Sun (Family cover)
08 Tape Op Blues
09 Lord of the Manor (Everly Bros. cover)
10 Black and White
11 Begin Again
12 Geometry
13 To Be Loved
14 Angels
15 Long Time Coming
16 band intros
17 She Was the One
18 I Am the Cosmos (Chris Bell cover)
19 Let It Be Me (Everly Bros. cover)
20 Song for Johnny Cash

Chris and Peter, holding forth at the Full Frame festival in 2010 (photo by Hathir Pfau)

Peter Holsapple – guitars & vocals
Chris Stamey – guitars & vocals
Andy Burton – keyboard
Jeff Crawford – upright bass
Gary Greene – drums & percussion
Dave Schramm – electric guitar

This show was part of Peter and Chris' tour in support of 
their second duo album, Here and Now


    As a reward for looking in the Comments section, I have a surprise for you:

    Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey
    Here and Now (2009)
    bonus acoustic tracks

    Happenstance (acoustic) 4:38
    Today Could Be the Day (acoustic) 3:33
    From a Window to a Screen (acoustic) 3:03

    Pretty sure these accompanied a digital download of the album when it was first released. They are no longer available officially, so were deleted after the fact (or perhaps always intended as a strictly limited-time phenomenon). In any event, as a reader of this blog, you're bound to enjoy these.

    MP3@VBR (150-160 kbps)

    (only need 1 of the above; the content for both is identical)

  2. Replies
    1. Your joy is also mine; happy to share.

    2. Just listened to them today (had only heard one before). Truly excellent stuff...

    3. Indeed. Makes me wonder: just how good would a whole album of classic dB's "covers" be if Peter & Chris did them in a style similar to this??