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Peter Blegvad Trio - Italy 2002

Cortile del Castello Estense
Ferrara, Italy
June 14, 2002

audience recording (sound quality VG++; nice, clear recording for an audie)

Repercussion: I get the feeling Peter Blegvad has been friends with Chris Stamey and Peter Holsapple for some time, but I don't know how they met, etc. Chris produced Peter B's wonderful King Strut & Other Stories album, on which Peter H did his multi-instrumentalist thing on several of its tracks. Well-worth seeking out!  

Another related post, PETER BLEGVAD & FRIENDS LIVE IN 1992, is HERE.
BIG HONKIN' THANKS to the taper and to p.z. for sharing!
The Peter Blegvad Trio
kind thanks to for this photo
SAMPLE: "That'll Be Him Now (Ferrara 2002)"

01 Intro
02 Hangman's Hill 
03 On All Fours
04 Waste of Time 05 The Incinerator (aka Perfect Strangers)
06 Bride of Fire
07 Just Woke Up
08 Loss to Mourn
09 Let's Travel Light 
10 Scarred for Life
11 Golden Age / Powers In the Air
12 The Song* 
13 That'll Be Him Now
14 Haiku  15 Face Off 
16 Driver's Seat 
17 (Something Else Is) Working Harder
18 In Hell's Despite (cut edited at 0:31)

Alt. Link MF

Peter Blegvad Trio:
Peter Blegvad - vocal, guitars
John Greaves - e-bass, vocal (*lead vocal on "The Song")
Chris Cutler - drums
Karen Mantler - keyboards, harmonica, glockenspiel, vocal
(she'd make it a quartet, so she's listed as a "guest"!)
Peter Blegvad photo by SeánK via Flickr
Peter Blegvad's latest is a collaboration with Andy Partridge (XTC) called Gonwards. It's very different and very cool. Highly recommended. They seem to have a YouTube video for every song on the album!
Learn more about the music o
Peter Blegvad at AllMusic
and John Relph's beautifully-detailed discography

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