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LX Chilton - New Orleans 1994

The Howlin' Wolf
New Orleans, LA
November 24, 1994 (?) exact date uncertain

FM broadcast (sound quality VG++; this recording has a low, but persistent hum [otherwise this would have been rated Ex-]; hum is only a problem between songs)

Repercussion: Here's a page at this blog that spells out the many connections between LX Chilton and The dB's.
photo by Simon Godley via Flickr
1-01 Tee Na Nee Na Noo
1-02 B-A-B-Y
1-03 My Baby Just Cares for Me 
1-04 Volare
1-05 Sick & Tired 
1-06 Thank You, John  
1-07 I Got a Thing for You
1-08 Devil Girl
1-09 Il' Rebelle 
1-10 My Bonnie
1-11 Turn Your Money Green
1-12 Money Talks 
1-13 I Do
1-14 Come Back, Baby 
1-15 What's Your Sign, Girl?
1-16 Do the Hucklebuck

2-01 Nobody's Fool
2-02 Little GTO 
2-03 Alligator Man
2-04 Tina the Go-Go Queen
2-05 Goodnight My Love 
2-06 Take It Off
2-07 New Girl In School
2-08 Margie 
2-09 I'm Ready
2-10 Little Latin Lupe Lu
2-11 Brazil 
2-12 Dateless Night
2-13 Only the Lonely
artwork by The Archival Group (included in DL)
some songs included in this collection are not listed in the artwork

Alt. Link Disc 1, MF
Alt. Link Disc 2, MF

Alex Chilton – guitar & vocals
Ron Easley - bass
Doug Garrison - drums
Explore Alex Chilton's discography at AllMusic

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