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The dB's - Rahar's, Northampton, MA 1980 (aud)

The dB's
Northampton, MA
1980 (month & date unknown; might be spring)

audience recording (sound quality VG+; transfer from copy of
master tape).
There’s a bit of distortion and the sound guy got a little silly with the reverb at times, but otherwise a quite enjoyable early show, with surprisingly little crowd chatter.
Very likely one of the band’s first live shows in New England.
Highlights: Gene rocks the house with his killer fuzz-tone bass! This show also features the only known recording of a mega-rare Chris composition called “My Sire Wristwatch”. According to Chris, “Sire Records gave out promo wristwatches to promote some punk rock band, and it seemed like some kind of commentary at the time (1978?) about how the scene was changing.” OK now, everybody sing along: "My Sire wristwatch, my Sire wristwatch / Thanks a lot."
This is the site of the now-defunct Rahar’s Inn.
Whatever else you might say, at least it’s got character… 
BIG HUGE THANKS to the taper and dB’s Fan for the generous

01 (I Thought) You Wanted to Know
02 Spitting In the Wind
03 Black and White
04 I Feel Good (Today)
05 Judy
06 Dynamite
07 Soul Kiss
08 pH Factor
09 If and When
10 Can't Take Her Away from Me
11 Bad Reputation
12 My Sire Wristwatch - mega rare song composed by Chris
13 Big Brown Eyes
14 You Got It Wrong
15 The Summer Sun
16 Cycles Per Second
17 Tearjerkin'
18 Death Garage

The dB’s:
Gene Holder – bass
Will Rigby – drums
Chris Stamey – guitar & vocals
Peter Holsapple – guitar, keyboard & vocals

WAV lossless files (from the raw, unedited transfer)



  1. I totally agree that Gene is smoking on this recording. While I agree that the soundman did get a little too experimental, I must confess that overall balance of sound was quite impressive (perhaps one of my favorites that you've shared). Thanks again!

    1. Thanks, Warren -- glad you enjoyed this one. For a 32 year-old recording, it is pretty darn impressive!

  2. I've never heard this one before, it is surprising that I have never seen flac files of this one anywhere

    1. Hello lucky - I've been posting several dB's shows that have not been in circulation, except among a very small group of fans. I'm pleased to offer them on the blog in high-quality MP3 to those who want to hear them. We all need to thank the generous tapers and traders who have been sharing them with me for this purpose.

      I wish I could offer the shows in flac or wav files, but I have limits of time, bandwidth, upload speed and money that mean I can't swing lossless posts. Maybe one day...

    2. and now that day has come!

      Happy Xmas my friend

    3. Consider it an early Xmas gift!



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